Hivemind Leela (11th American Continentals, 3-1)

Redino987 336

Somehow this deck only played 4 games the entirety of American Continentals this past weekend, but it won 3 of 4 games leaving me with a solid winrate.

The deck itself is a hivemind effort from @shiiuga and myself, as we looked at what was good in every other highly placing Leela deck and talked through tech cards to include.

1- NO DAILY CASTS. I don't like it, its a tempo hit, and it is too slow in a meta where you anticipate fast decks. The point of this deck is to be fast and be able to contest as soon as possible. We favored adding events instead of the Daily Casts in order to get more value from Aniccam

2- Citadel Sanctuary is tech for Argus, CtM, and Outfit. Making their tags hurt you less is pretty important, and saving the click and 2 credits to clear the tag adds up.

3- Tycoon. Why is it there?!? To act as a redundant breaker in case of Ark Lockdown which a few of the more rush-y corps have been playing. Is it the best choice? No. Did I install it once? No. Could it be a different card? Almost definitely. Am I satisfied with the choice to include it for the tournament? Yeah. (Could easily be a Sneakdoor Beta or 3rd Inside Job or Boomerang or Falsified Credentials depending on your taste)

The deck's loss was to @NetDad, king of Swiss on the day and their gamenet glacier deck. I was certainly wishing for a Political Operative that game, as an Embolus grew to an unmanageable state.

Happy to add more bullet points if any other choices need clarification

3 Aug 2020 Shiiuga

I can pretty much only take credit for the Tycoon include, which is probably why I ended up with the cursed version of this deck and went 0-6 with it. Karma is a mother.

3 Aug 2020 NetDad

Cheers for the game, and congrats on the finish! I was playing for the overwhelming GameNET endgame and was fortunate to get there against the high early pressure your Leela put out