Blue Milk (1st @AAC)

Your Niichan's Girlfriend 390

Your Niichan ampersand hashtag thirty-seven semicolon s Girlfriend here! (when I made the account it was an Your Niichan's Girlfriend, but some anti sql injection code permanently fated me with this beautiful html character code instead of an apostrophe)

I'm also known as Rielle (because that's my legal name)


(I was trying to set up an onlyfans so I could plug it in the interview but apparently you need a twitter, instagram, and other and I don't have any of those)

Dec tec:

Value is primary. Winning flows from value.

Mulligan hands without draw and hands with programs.
Greenside Job and some credits gets you through any 2 iced remote without an end the run sentry in the innermost position (Shout out Kyra for turning me on to this card)
It also lets you recur programs if they are trashed from wherever (or if over drawn)
And conveniently places them on bottom of stack so you won't draw it and know which program your spark will hit
You wanna rig up the boy if you draw him, but its mostly there so you can play anicam for free (and draw a card)
Trick Shot's nutso busted and makes Pretty Mary pretty good
DJ Steve and 2x Burner are sufficient HQ pressure

   -Rielle "Not kit" Lain

(ps: here's the replays of all my kit games)

4 Jun 2024 benticurus


4 Jun 2024 chordgang

you're so beautiful and good at netrunner and i love you

6 Jun 2024 viloka

I love this amazing Run 3 game so much. This game was a lot of fun and helped me learn a very useful skill. You can play a lot of fun games with me at fnaf

6 Jun 2024 josephlaizure

Triple Compile is what I love to see.

7 Jun 2024 Dave976

Congrats on the finish. Why Build Script over Stoneship here? Seems like Stoneship is influence free and can help in the Azmari Re-education matchup.

7 Jun 2024 Your Niichan's Girlfriend

@Dave976 Give it a couple games and feel it out. Build script give you a credit and triggers aniccam. Being able to go from zero credits to draw 3 cards and play creative commission feels worth it to me. and Re-education's never been too scary. Trick shot really punishes the bad pup and burner can usually dismantle the combo turn. (also, just steel their agendas, forehead)

7 Jun 2024 Tamijo

You're great, this is great.

7 Jun 2024 jan tuno

Hope you get your onlyfans set up in time for interconts :)

8 Jun 2024 HaverOfFun

Cool chill list! Compile so SDS doesn't even raise an eyebrow and Aniccam maxxing. like a dream! Love it heaps!

20 Jun 2024 Council

Keep it Rielle fellow old Kit art enjoyer