ApocShiko del campione v1

ALFlex 13

Hey there!

I played this deck at this HOLY Tournament ending 7th. This was my 2nd ever played Netrunner tournament.

Sadly enough, I spent the last 3 weeks to think of what i wanted play for this tournament, without any success. For this reason I can't take credit for both decks because @koga made this one and the other is this list by @j4.

The deck felt solid, but poor in some cases. Expecially when all 3 liberated were bottom 6 cards. My famous luck.

My take would be remove VRCation, 1 Wildcat Strike, 1 Earthrise and 1 Wanton for some money, namely Daily Cast e probably 1 Creative Commission.

In any case, tournament was a lot of fun, even if the meta isn't the best. See you for another list, hopefully mine next time!