[Startup] Tempo Tags - 6# Worlds 2023

felhix 17

First and foremost, I would like to thank Telos who kindly gave me this list.

I played it at the Worlds 2023 - Startup and finished 6th with it ! It is a very strong list that has a few weaknesses.

1. The game plan

The game plan is to spam the board with assets that will give a lot of positive stuff to us. R+ tags are very good at being tempo positive and that can set runner quite a bit back. So we tag runner until they die.

If the runner wants to trash one of the assets, Oppo Research is there to punish them.

Once runner goes tag me, no resource, Starlit Knight becomes very hard to deal with and Freedom of Information is free to score.

2. The cards

The agendas are the usual NBN agendas. Artificial Cryptocrash is excellent at setting the runner back, which we like for our plan of flooding the runner with tags. Oracle Thinktank will give tags + free Oppo Research trigger.

The deck runs a lot of assets. Wage Workers is great to score a 4-pointer in one turn. Balanced Coverage gives you a lot of money with Federal Fundraising. Drago Ivanov is, well, Drago.

As for the operations, Retribution will sink boats. Mindscaping is a great versatile card that can do an occasional kill. No Hedge Fund because we prefer the versatility of Mindscaping and Predictive Planogram over the raw efficiency of Hedge Fund.

Where is End of the Line you will ask me ? End of the Line is on the runner's mind. They will have to play around it, while we don't play it and keep our influence the gain clicks with Wage Workers.

ICEs are very classic. Ping will allow for some gear-check fast scoring, Magnet will annoy Botuli and Arissana.

Shout out to Starlit Knight which is very annoying to deal with when you are tag me.

3. How did it go ?

3.1. Esâ Afontov

Opponent went into tag me mode quite rapidly so I just had to Retribution their Marrow and wait one turn to Mindscaping for 3.

✅ Victory

3.2. Esâ Afontov

I had a big sabotage pressure, but with Spin Doctors, I managed not to get so screwed by archive access.

✅ Victory

3.3. René Loup

I do not remember how the game went.

❌ Defeat

3.4. Zahya

A very well timed Artificial Cryptocrash (right after a Credit - Credit - Sure Gamble turn) that I could have scored 2-3 turns ago got me a huge boost of tempo that lead to the win.

✅ Victory

3.5. Padma

Last match of the tournament for me.

Unfortunately, opponent was able to setup quite rapidly a Conduit - Boat combo and found some agendas shortly after. I managed to survive a couple more turns, by purging, threatening boat with Retribution, ICEing up R&D. Right before I could stabilize (by sinking the boat with drago + retribution), they found their last agenda in HQ.

❌ Defeat