Combat Mosh v08

Pommes 318

Hello headbangers!

This Outfit list went 5-2 at the fantastic Euregio tournament this weekend (almost 6-1, so close! Cheers to my lovely nemesis Steffi for a fantastic nailbiter in round 7!).


Runners tend to be very very rich. Even though the Outfit will be even richer most of the time, the most a Hard-Hitting News will do is buy you one turn where they clear tags. Unless you combo it with the usual Reversed Accounts or the like.

Trojan Horse on the other hand can give you way more value in the current climate, I feel. More than once I spent 15 - 20 credits to get rid of their main breaker. Outfit is just the best at getting back up from going low on money. Even used Atlas tokens for Too Big Too Fail on some occasions.

Add to that the usual Batty + Rotorurret/Tithonium for some cheeky rigshooting. All the slots you save on tech to keep the runner poor (Reversed, Economic Warfare, etc.) can now be used for more rush tools like Audacity, Fast Track, CVS and the best rush ice ever, Guard.

Before Downfall this deck already did quite well at SCs, but the new Sandstorm and SDS Drone Deployment were amazing additions.

Thanks to everyone for the great weekend! 11/10

30 Apr 2019 Cluster Fox

Great seeing you buddy! Also this deck is MEAN!

1 May 2019 mrteatime66

Nicely done dude! Well done on a great showing!

1 May 2019 Cpt_nice

One thing Iearned in Netrunner,the nicest people play the scumbaggiest decks

2 May 2019 sanjayshelat

Ohh! This looks really fun! I can totally see why dropping the HHN for Trojan could be really effective. The approach does not get you the win, but it does potentially cripple the other player. I will def give this deck a try out! Thanks Pommes :-)