Most People are DJs (King of Swiss Atlanta Regionals)

gunsling3r 254

So I had a great write up of this deck put together, but then realized I'm bad at Internetting, and lost everything I wrote.

My loss is your gain. Instead of fighting through a bunch of long-winded paragraphs telling you why Sure Gamble is worth playing, you get the cliff notes version.

  1. This deck is the stone-cold nuts. You should play it. It crushes Gagarin and has a legitimately powerful game plan against almost everything else (try to dodge Argus if you can). I would 100% play this deck again and again.

  2. Pelangi is what makes this deck work. It means you don't ever need to worry about going dry on stealth credits. Just grab your Corroder and spend some normal credits.

  3. Since you are stealth, you get to play the best breakers. Switchblade doesn't get used all the time, but when it does you just dominate. You don't have to worry about Tour Guides or Surveyors when you have Switchblade in the stack. If something doesn't match up well with one of your breakers, just Pelangi it.

  4. There are significant benefits to not needing to run Laamb or an AI breaker.

  5. The best thing about not running Laamb is that you get Film Critic instead. Since not everyone is running Critic, not enough people are running it. Critic is great against Jinteki, but it also shines against SDS Drones, City Works Projects, Ikawah Projects, and SSLs. Everyone is playing monster 5/3s these days. Critic remind folks why they are liabilities.

  6. Deus X is probably cutable. I expected a lot of Jinteki murder in Atlanta. Deus X makes it really hard to combo kill out of Jinteki. It also has above average uses against Fairchildren in HB. And of course, your Fairy God-Pelangi can turn ICE into AP if the server gets too deep, or you are being rushed out.

  7. Compile is your 46th card. If this bothers you cut it. I think the upside of having a 4th SMC, 4th Clone Chip, or an Inside Job is worth the incredibly small percentage lost from having 46.

  8. So you could run Smoke, but then you'd miss out on busted cards like DJ Fenris and Hot Pursuit. DJ grabs Liza 99% of the time.

  9. Another benefit to running Jesminder is getting access to Maya. Everyone seems soft on this console, but it was my MVP on the day. It single-handedly won me a game against a PE murder deck, and it was essential in making sure 2 HB Jinja decks didn't land a critical mass of ICE.

Sorry for the abbreviated description. Such is the life of a middle-aged dude with two small children. If you have questions fire them off in the comments and I'll try to respond.

Big thanks to everyone in the Atlanta area for keeping Netrunner alive. Sorry I had to bow out in the cut (see previous note about dad responsibilities).

27 Aug 2019 HolyMackerel

Love the list, but I haven't played Stealth a lot and would like some tips:

How do you use Cold Read well? I feel like I keep trashing my breakers...

What's the fastest way to get the Net Mercur train started? It feels strong, but slow.

27 Aug 2019 Caedus

@pang4Usually people use Cold Read to Clone Chip out a breaker from the bin for free on a run where they won't need to use it. EG running an open server. Therefore it's usually pure econ engine, with the option to actually use a program if you must in a pinch. Maybe occasionally to pop Self-modifying Code. @gunsling3rmay have a different experience however...

27 Aug 2019 gunsling3r

@pang4 @Caedus That’s pretty much right. Cold Read is pretty flexible depending what n game state.

Early Game You use Cold areas with SMC to set up your board. If you have a Net Mercur, it’s even better.

** Mid Game ** It’s sort of like extra Sirr Gambles against asset spam decks. You can also use with Clone Chip to rebuild anything you lost from damage, or to reset a Pelangi you used to contest an early rush.

** Late Game ** You basically get a stealth Stimhack. This is great against massive Jinja servers that try to stack Surveyors.

You almost never lose a breaker to Cold Read. Mostly you can sacrifice a used up Pelangi or a Cloak that you can Clone Chip back.

Re: Mercur. You don’t often want to take the tempo hit playing it turn one, but if you land an early Hot Pursuit or Gamble, you can easily get it turn two or three. Then all all you need is a Cloak or a Cold Read to basically get a stealth bad pub.

27 Aug 2019 tonybluehose

Love this deck! Hate playing against it!