noob kit - 1st @ mead hall 2017 sc, minneapolis, jan 7th 532

i've been playing this @thebigboy creation exclusively for the last 7 months, through worlds and KOS. i can say pretty confidently that, at times, the fun i had playing this deck was the only thing keeping me in anr. so yeah, that should be the only recommendation you need to try this out if you haven't already. it's sweet.

kinda like the blue sun list i played on the day, this deck is super basic---no frills. probably hit mopus more times than you think is necessary and set your rig up less than you think is necessary. legwork is your power card, so use kit's ability and test runs to cut off the scoring remote early and keep it locked, giving your legworks more value as the game goes on. added bonus: very few peeps expect the 2nd legwork in shaper. tinkering is suggested most often as the first cut, but i'm not sure that it is right. i use it most times i draw it, oftentimes to set up a play on whatever server i'd previously been neglecting. @thebigboy has a nice writeup on his runthenet blog if you're interested in further reading.

saturday was smooth operating. things kinda bounced my way all day and kit went undefeated in the tournament to help me win my first.

9 Jan 2017 TheBigBoy

My Hero.

10 Jan 2017 hi_impact

gg wp.

what is your general strategy against asset spam like CTM or IG if you get a 'decent' start with perhaps an opening Magnum Opus?

10 Jan 2017 moistloaf

Tinkering is a helluva card. Grats on your win

10 Jan 2017 tonybluehose

I imagine often people would see you hit the Opus button a bunch and then think you were on vamp. I love decks like this--make money, run. It's netrunner.

11 Jan 2017 TheBigBoy

The Vamp ruse is a big part of your game against experienced players actually.

11 Jan 2017 themeanlady

This is too pure

11 Jan 2017 CodeMarvelous

Do you wanna come talk about this on my channel

11 Jan 2017 tonybluehose

hehe, if this deck starts to get some traction, then I'm going to use it, but add Vamp. So the ruse will be that they will think there is no ruse, when in fact, that is the ruse. No one will be safe.

11 Jan 2017

@hi_impacti can speak to ctm. i will typically trash all politicals and jackson, even if it means going tag me early. you can clear later or at least threaten that you'll clear. be ready to make a play on the remote as early as possible, which usually means having a stimhack or test run ready. hopefully after you slow their start and steal their first score attempt you've got a window to stabilize and transition to rd lock. it is not, at all, an easy matchup.

@CodeMarvelousyeah that'd be dope

11 Jan 2017 CodeMarvelous message me on stimhack or on slack

11 Jan 2017 TheBigBoy

The double reverse Vamp ruse is even better than the Vamp ruse :P

14 Jan 2017

Wondering about 1. getting killed - there's no protection at all and 2. are 3 Beth's necessary - very likely 2 dead draws. Is she that good?

14 Jan 2017 FightingWalloon - My answer from playing this deck -- although not nearly as well as the OP -- is that you avoid getting killed by playing carefully and that an early game Beth is really strong, so you put three in to increase the chances that it shows up early. Same reason you have three Magnum Opus.

14 Jan 2017 TheBigBoy

You want Beth on turn 1 as often as possible. 3x is 100% correct. She's not just a bonus in this deck, she's a huge part of your strategy.

If your meta is full of 24/7 then you can play a plascrete. If it's full of PU you can play a Feedback filter. Including these cards in the core list is silly though.

15 Jan 2017 saracenus

I love the simplicity of the deck. Unfortunately, I live in a IG Prison meta. This deck would struggle with that, even with a Feedback Filter.

There isn't a remote to camp and if you cannot reliably kill Sensie Actors Union and keep it off the board you will never dig deep enough to win the game before you are killed.

15 Jan 2017 TheBigBoy

Against IG 54 if you get down FBF + beth + magnum you cannot die. Against IG 49 you just need it to survive the burst combo.

They are certainly not easy match-ups, but they can be won, especially with an FBF.

15 Jan 2017 saracenus

@TheBigBoyWhat are you cutting to include FBF or Plascrete? Drop a single The Maker's Eye? This deck is pretty tight.

I personally like Aaron MarrĂ³n over Plascrete Carapace as a counter to 24/7 News Cycle. But there is nothing here that can synergise with it beyond that purpose, so Placerete it is.

16 Jan 2017 TheBigBoy

The possible cuts are 3rd makers, 3rd RDI, the tinkering, 3rd scavenge, or maybe 3rd Beth. Only cut for a tech card if you REALLY feel like you need it.

16 Jan 2017 Dzerards


With stimshop and the Test-Run-into-Scavenge combo, getting a Torch online seems easy. Any reason not to switch out a Gordian Blade?

18 Jan 2017 kevnburg

Thanks for the list. I'm making a simple speed shaper for an upcoming GNK and this helped a lot. I'm trying a Knight, Escher, and 3 Indexings over R&D Interfaces + Personal Workshops for more speed. Anything you'd suggest for trying to make a deck like this tick faster?

18 Jan 2017 TheBigBoy

I'm not sure what you mean by faster. This is already the fastest non-combo shaper in the game right now. Use your Stimhacks aggressively. If you have SMC stimhack in your opener then use it to stimhack out Magnum Opus on turn 1.

19 Jan 2017 gammanet

faster if its out of CT, sitmhack is great for facechecking, and mopus gives you money, with workshop interfaces rarely cost you much, and makers eye get you to the interfaces and make for an indomitable late game dig, thought personally im a fan of shrike over femme #2 becasue breaking ichi 1 for 4 feels good :D

19 Jan 2017 TheBigBoy

Breaking you break ichi for 5 as it is (2 clicks and 1 on the trace = 5 effective credits). Installing a 5 cost program to save a credit each time is silly.

19 Jan 2017 kevnburg

Disagreed on this being "faster" (aka being able to access servers and win the game earlier) in Chaos Theory. I was originally trying CT and needing more than Gordian Blade for safe early runs on 1-Ice servers seriously slowed the deck down. You're definitely right about the personal workshop + interface combo setting up pretty fast, so I might be mistaken about Indexing being a better "speed" choice. I'm running a Knight instead of a second femme because it cheaply helps Gordion with indexing and remote pressure on 2-ICE servers.

19 Jan 2017 gammanet

im not sure your plan for breaking stacked ichis, and the deck I play against the most is a more glacial variant of HB, so the ichis are stacked and if you think im paying one on the trace, you are mistaken. but if it works for your meta, all power to you, I dont like the extra damage and tag.

19 Jan 2017 TheBigBoy

You put your femme counter on one of the ichis and click the other one. If they want to boost the trace that's fine. If they are way ahead on money either just magnum more or click the trace as well.

26 Jan 2017 G44F

96/5000 Surely it is the easiest and most efficient deck I have played, with no complications. thank you very much.

26 Jan 2017 FightingWalloon

How do you play -- what is your general approach -- to games vs. Gagarin or other asset-spam oriented decks?

26 Jan 2017 FightingWalloon

Opening hand has SMC and Test Run but no MOpus. Do you play aggressively to get MOpus? Is SMC or Test Run the better play?

26 Jan 2017 TheBigBoy

Vs. Gagarin just take 10 every turn all game. They can never kill you. Trash only bankers groups (and PAD's if it's safe). Then when you are up 100 credits to their 50 you can trash everything else.

SMC for opus.

26 Mar 2017 daytodave

Did you consider dropping 1x Legwork and switching 2x Astrolabe for 2x The Gauntlet, to free up space for either FBF or Plascrete?

26 Mar 2017 TheBigBoy

Good players will put 1 or 0 ice on HQ. Gauntlet is not good at all.

If you want to run FBF or plas, the possible cuts are: 3rd RDI 3rd Maker's Eye 3rd Scavenge The tinkering.

28 Mar 2017 FightingWalloon

So is this deck just plain dead when rotation hits? Loses RDI, Test Run, Quality Time, and Personal Workshop. Maybe some cards will come out to fill those roles in this deck, but it does not look likely.

28 Mar 2017 TheBigBoy

That's true of most decks. We just need to see if replacement cards get printed.

19 May 2017 ren666

I'm trying 1- Tinkering for +1 Film Critic. Having lost a couple of Future Perfect PSI games that cost me the match + Scorp removing my Lady, I feel it could do a little more work than tinkering. Love this deck.