Noob Kit (1st @ Apex of the Midwest)

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This is the Kit list I piloted to 1st place in the ANRPC Apex of the Midwest tournament in Madison, WI. It went 3-1 in Swiss, beating CTM, Sol, and ETF Glacier, and and 2-0 in the cut beating Code Gate Skorpios and Sol. Its only loss came against Palana Glacier.

There’s absolutely nothing surprising about this list. It’s just your basic Noob Kit list with virtually no special spice.

Inversificator is a no-brainer in Kit. It sets up so many plays, whether it's moving taxing ice off of R&D or riding the outside ice on a 2-ice server all the way in. 3 Inversificator is 100% the right decision. You’re almost guaranteed to find one early, you get to use your SMCs for Mopus more judiciously, and it gives you game against Skorpios. I absolutely would have lost to Skorpios in the cut if I had only played 2.

3 Beth is also 100% correct. Beth puts a lot of gas in the tank and you want to see her very early. She’s an excellent target for MCA Informant as well, and having multiples means you can often just overwrite her if she gets MCA’ed.

Other than that, the deck is very straightforward. Get Opus, get Inversificator, get money, and access cards. Cheat Femmes into play when possible. Play Stimhack, you don’t need cards in your hand. You have no tech cards to speak of, so play smart. You want to know when to apply pressure and when to pump the brakes and get money.

Shout-outs to TheBigBoy for the original list.

(PS: There's no 2017 ANRPC option in NetrunnerDB, so I tagged it 2016 ANRPC. I swear I'm not a time traveler.)

27 Jun 2017 TheBigBoy

0 Tech win! If you win an event with a deck like this you know it was 100% pure skill :)

Well done!

27 Jun 2017 kollapse

I just love this (and the multitude of "real Netrunner decks" TBB built). Congrats!

27 Jun 2017 magaruis

Whats the plan vs Exchange / Boom Sols ? Hammer the centrals to trash the booms and R&D lock ?

28 Jun 2017 daytodave

@magaruis As an InversiKit player, yep. You just keep kicking rezzed ice off R&D to make it expensive to keep you out, and lock them down before they can draw Breaking News etc.

Another fun move is -1 Scavenge, +1 The Shadow Net if EoI is really a problem. With a deck that can always get in once you're set up, 9 is definitely worth an agenda in the early game, and an extra Maker's Eye can be worth one when you're trying to close out.

28 Jun 2017 daytodave

Did you do any testing with Egret instead of Fem? It seems like the extra influence could be really useful, either for Political Operatives, Employee Strikes, or even Paperclip.

28 Jun 2017 kotx64

One question of a french beginner. Scavenge is here to come back Cerberus? is that right?

28 Jun 2017 magaruis

`@kotx64. You can Test Run and Scavenge any program to keep that program installed at the end of the turn (Its technically a new program) So first click can be Test Run Magnum Opus and then scavenge it, meaning you get to search for Magnum Opus and pay 2 credits less to install it.

You can the Femme target on another piece of ice (You are reinstalling Femme Fatal). You can recharge Cerberus tokens (You are reinstalling Cerberus).

6 Jul 2017 Qris

I would like to inlude Indexing, what could I cut?

6 Jul 2017 kevo31415

@QrisYou don't need Indexing in this deck. You have 3x RDI and 3x Makers Eye. Why run twice when you can see multiple cards with one run?