3s [1st Place, 5-0 San Antonio SC, 14 Players]

DoomRat 2305

First shalt thou play Adam, then shalt thou play three of every card, no more, no less. Three shall be the count of the cards, and the count of the cards shall be three. Two shalt thou not play, and neither shall thou play one, excepting when you play exactly three icebreakers. Once the number three, being the third number, of each card is reached, then the corporation, who is naughty in my sight, will snuff it.

Old movies aside, this deck is really straight forward. Make money, install Engolo, run HQ. Don't run R&D unless you see something with find the truth. Keep making money and running HQ until you win.

24 Feb 2019 HoodedArcher

Really awesome deck wish my runner performed better so I could have met you in bracket, maybe next time!

25 Feb 2019 SneakdoorMelb


25 Feb 2019 Terje

Really liking how streamlined this is, you find any issues with not having any AI breakers or did Engolo cover it well enough?

25 Feb 2019 pord

nice one... what sort of decks did you play against?

25 Feb 2019 DoomRat

@Njabbskolt You have logic bomb as an emergency out as well. I found the combination of the two was enough to cover most situations. I frequently didn't install Corroder or Na'Not'K at all.

@pord: 2x Mti, 2x SSO (same one twice) and CtM.

25 Feb 2019 HelixPinnacle

Awesome deck! I play Adam as well. Did you consider adding something like The Turning Wheel for additional R&D Pressure? Or something like RNG key?

26 Feb 2019 Terje

@DoomRatAye, I think I just worry because I lost my Engolo a couple times in my last build (to Breached Dome and Enforcing Loyalty respectively), and managed to win those games in part thanks to my trusty Turtle. Will give this version a try for sure though.

26 Feb 2019 DoomRat

@HelixPinnacle: I don't usually play RNG Key for play style reasons. The plan is to never hit R&D unless I see something with FtT, so RNG Key rarely pays out. -1 Stimhack +1 TTW is probably a good swap, but it would ruin the aesthetic.

@Njabbskolt I think you can probably play around breached dome well enough to avoid losing Engolo to it, and anything else is manageable. If someone got me with Enforcing Loyalty I think I'd just shake their hand and move on.

27 Feb 2019 Cpt_nice

Came for the Adam list, liked for the Monty Python reference.

14 Mar 2019 Haberdash

Why Data Folding? Does Brain Chip really make it worth it with big breakers and Multithreader?

12 Apr 2019 a_suri

@DoomRathas this list changed with Downfall?

25 Apr 2019 DoomRat

@Haberdash There's just not enough influence to avoid playing some neutral econ, and Folding plays nice with career fair. In practice, your rig is usually engolo + logic bombs, so its not super hard to trigger. Everything else is installed as needed.

@a_suriFor the most part, no. I know other people have replaced the Data Folding with Rezekis, which is decent, but that still leaves you with more slots you have to fill with mediocre neutral cards.