Psi-koL Killýr (Casual Brain Damage)

kevnburg 405

(This is me posting one of my old janky decks that can still be enjoyed in casual play. I played this deck in Standard after the release of Uprising, before Standard Ban List 20.06 banned Defective Brainchips.)

The brain damage game plan:

(1) Install Wetwork Refit on Loki.

(2) Use Konjin to make Runners that don't have an AI breaker encounter Loki and suffer 1 brain damage for every Wetwork Refit installed on it (plus 1 additional brain damage if you have Defective Brainchips active).

(3) Bonus Points: Use Divert Power to derez Gatekeeper and more easily rez Loki and Týr, and use Marcus Batty to land the 2 brain damage subroutine on Týr.

In today's standard, the Konjin + Loki + Wetwork Refit combo still lives, but the identity and other supporting pieces from the SanSan Cycle have rotated. If you're playing casually against current decks, consider slotting Magnet to deal with the threat of a Runner placing Botulus on your refitted Loki.


20 Apr 2022 m.p

Also made a deck like this once, sad that SanSan rotated and took all these awesome gadgets for making the runner dumb away...

21 Apr 2022 kevnburg

SanSan is my favorite FFG cycle because it introduced Cybernetics Division and Haarpsichord Studios.

At least we still have Cerebral Overwriter! Some other brain damage tools that are Standard legal: Hákarl 1.0 - Brainstorm - Nerine 2.0 - NEXT Diamond - NEXT Wave 2 - Tempus - Kuwinda K4H1U3 - Riot Suppression