[Startup] Liberté, Égalité, René - 6# Worlds 2023

felhix 17

Credit where it is due, I took this list from DeeR. I made a new decklist so I can add my two cents of it.

I played it at the Worlds 2023 - Startup and finished 6th with it ! It is a very strong list even 6 months later.

1. The game plan

The game plan is simple : get money with the excellent Anarch econ, then sail through remote servers to trash stuff and/or steal agendas. Rince and repeat.

2. The cards

The deck runs 2 boats because no banlist. The ICEbreaker suite is Buzzsaw, Cleaver and Mimic, helped with Ice Carver to save money. Add Botulus to it and you got a very decent way of going into any server.

Econ is great too. Liberated Account and Fermenter can get you enough money to trash anything.

Pinhole Threading make sure you don't get screwed by the occasional Nanisivik Grid or SkunkVoid.

No Free Lunch is good against surprise tags that want to sink boat.

3. How did it go ?

3.1. Thule Subsea: Safety Below

Cleaver is very efficient against the Harmonic ICEs and the deck was able to go through the defenses.

✅ Victory

3.2. Haas-Bioroid: Precision Design

It was a Fast Advance deck. Opponent got flooded.

✅ Victory

3.3. Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center

Even if Loup loves to trash, NEB is very strong in the current meta. I lost against a well timed Oppo Research + End of the Line.

❌ Defeat

3.4. Jinteki: Restoring Humanity

This list was very fun and got me by surprise ! I was expecting the classic Regenesis + 5/3 agendas so I waited to get my Pinhole Threading to kill Nanisivik Grid and get a lot of points in archive. I got 6 (two Send a Message) so I run into HQ, hoping to get Regenesis. I found Punitive Counterstrike. Well, GG 😅

❌ Defeat

3.5. Haas-Bioroid: Precision Design

It was against a Fast Advance PD. I managed to get the points before the opponent, going into HQ and R&D, throwing the burst econ with Imp.

✅ Victory

4. Adapting the deck

The deck is very good, but the list was made before the release of Automata Initiative. Since then, Asset Spam got better. Multi Access cards like WAKE Implant v2A-JRJ or The Twinning can help handling the Asset Spams by digging into R&D (they usually don't want agendas). It is also good against the Fast Advance decks that are too afraid of boat to open remote servers.