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5 Apr 2019 x3r0h0ur

Why are you the way that you are?

5 Apr 2019 spags


7 Apr 2019 Sindarin

@spags Could you please tell me your game plan with the Daily Quests? There isn't a lot of ice to protect them, so are you using them to bait runs? Thanks!

7 Apr 2019 gp48maz1

@spags I second @Alpha what is the strategy with so little ice?

8 Apr 2019 ptc

I'm guessing it's to encourage runs to enable HHN/EW/SEA Source?

8 Apr 2019 adquen

Just put them behind the ICE you have. You don't need to ice centrals that much, especially early game, and you can overinstall with an agenda when you need to score/are rich enough.

8 Apr 2019 spags

Jam DQ early behind nasty ICE (raven is perfect), or use it late as a bluff. It is not an essential card, but can be CBG-like early.

9 Apr 2019 yeoda

Konmari method? Lol

4 May 2019 PeterCapObvious

Went 3-1 with this at today's local GNK, was really fun to play.