Best Friends CI (4th at Euros)

TugtetguT 2006

dHSx4BX.gif I bet many of you did not know that these 3 used to go to virtual kindergarten together! While Rielle 'Kit' has gone her own separate way, the others have not forgotten her and their time together under the sun and so they sympathetically went to tournament with only 10 influence spent.

This was my corp deck for Euros and as you can tell it is simply a standard Moons CI deck, with a few notable cards in the second sandburg and SSL. And then there is a lot of free influence, but I seriously can't think of a corp card with influence pips that I'd include at the moment.

Having just 2 5/3's frees up a slot and Succesful Field Test never felt good in CI Moons. I previously had 2 Ikawah Project, but changed into SSL the night before the tournament, because the former doesn't help a lot if your opponent has read your list beforehand and SSL at least has some synergy with Sandburg.

During testing I discovered that finding Sandburg made a huge difference in many match ups, the anarch breakers especially are very vulnerable to even a small strength boost and you also gain a lot of extra mileage after a purge if your opponent has Aumakua out, if it doesn't lead to a complete lockout. Hence the decision to play two and no Sponsorships or something else entirely.

All the ICE are early game gear checks or Architect, no Ashigaru or other big stuff that you cant rez anyway because you are CI, this makes the early game stronger and for the mid to late game you can rely on Tour Guides and Sandburg to deny access.

In the end I lost a lot more with this deck than with my runner. One loss in swiss to swede and friend Ravn(@Ravn) who was on Gravedigger Hayley, he rudely milled 6 cards from RnD, 4 of which were agendas and 1 a Lakshmi, and from there it was pretty tough to prevail as I had not found a second Lakshmi or the agendas to protect my archives from Hades Shard. Two losses in the cut: one to our new european champion, Rotomappliance, on 419 and another to Chris Dyer on Valencia. You can watch the latter (and a little brutal) game on neoreadinggrid's twitch channel following this link:

I played a third game in the cut against Ollie(@massissi) on stream with a happier outcome, which can be seen here:

In swiss I also played games against 2x Data Folding MaxX, 2x Strike Val and 1x Apoc Val all of which I won, so the deck went 6-3 in total and I'm still convinced it has good match-ups against the field. Perhaps not in the future with zer0 out though, stupid self-damage decks :-)

6 Jun 2018 RavnR

Such a fun game, and always a pleasure and honour playing against you. It was the tensest game all Euros for me.

17 Jun 2018 ClosDeLaRoche

I'm having trouble scoring with this deck, and my smartfabrics getting trashed. Any advice?

24 Jun 2018 TugtetguT

hm maybe be a bit more conservative with the lakshmi installs? - this deck has it rough post 0 and CV decks