Subliminal Punitive Neurospike Memories [Startup]

jase2224 320

After some time away from the best competitive card game out there, I needed a single-player card game now that my FLGS has in person games again. A few friends kept me updated on NISEI over the years, but decided to take a closer look at the rules update and card pool. Startup is the way to go for new and old players to enjoy this game together.

Jinteki is my favorite corp to play, but they've lost of their teeth and most runners in Startup just got through their my ICE like nothing in the early game leaving the only threat I could give as Snare! By the time I drew a Punitive, the runner had scored two points in two rounds so maybe swap the Archived Memories for a second Punitive and find a a way to fit a third. The highlight of the day for this deck was the having a once in a lifetime hand and opportunity to flatline regardless of runner choice. I had a remote with two Saisentan protecting a 4 advanced Vulnerability Audit. In hand was a Punitive, Neurospike, and an Archived Memories. The runner went broke stealing the agenda with their last click. The next turn the runner had a full rig and Rezekis to just build up and eliminate the threat of this deck, so time to try other decks in startup until the next set is released.

Regardless, I had a blast playing the day as I got to play with old friends and meeting new ones.