New year, New Adam (10th at B-Com 2019)

Terje 399

I haven't played too much since well before Christmas, so decided to take everyone's favourite bioroid boi to B-Com in Barcelona with the hopes of narrowly missing the cut so that my girlfriend wouldn't kill me for spending another day if our time in Barca sitting in a room. Mission accomplished.

On the day I beat a Palana and PE, had narrow losses to Mti and Sportsmetal and got absolutely steamrolled by a Titans Atlas train. Didn't realise just how low they could go on money and still score the damn things.

Not really too many interesting tech choices, Engolo is amazing. In both my wins I actually lost it early (Enforcing Loyalty in Palana, and random net damage from score in PE) but managed to get the wins thanks to the tools available to us bioroid enthusiasts these days, all hail Logic Bomb. Misdirection added as I expected a lot of Argus, but didn't end up facing a single one.

Against Mti I couldn't find Emergent Creativity or Engolo for ages, but managed to get to 5 points by overwriting my Aumakua with a Misdirection in order to run through IP Blocks. But whiffed on hitting the winning agenda in HQ with 2 of them in there. Really close and tense game.

Can't wait to see what the new Nisei cards will let us bring to the table.

20 Jan 2019 Swiftie

was going to give this a try, but i don't think you understand how your ID works. You have 46 cards in the deck...

I'll give it a like anyway because its Adam :p

22 Jan 2019 Terje

Look mate, everyone knows 46 is the new 45. Also I am the worst at finding cuts.