UNBEATABLE RUNNER (Undefeated CO Winner)

Whiteblade111 2042

I will now take questions from the audience:

Why Adam over shaper?

Shaper is pretty messed up, I'm concerned about it's FA matchups broadly. I wanted a runner that could react to different corp gameplans while also having enough early game pressure to beat Sportz. I think Sportz can exploit shaper and once people realize shaper is fuckin busted more people will play Sportz.

Why not X tech card?

Citadel buys us time versus most MAD combo decks. Extra hand size from Brainchip is also pretty busted. Caldera helps baby us through the opening turns of PE until we can get more hand size and crush them. Everything else you beat by playing better than your opponent.

No pinhole threading?!?!?!?

Pinhole is a medicore card that allows weak runner side players to feel like they're doing something. Spend your inf elsewhere and play better than your opponent.

Isn't this just the NWE deck from worlds 2021?

Shut up

6 Aug 2022 Jinsei

Isn't this just the NWE deck from worlds 2021?

7 Aug 2022 flimflam

list looks great! also boring!

7 Aug 2022 slk

How was MKUltra? not on Odore?

7 Aug 2022 RickRageLa

ok but srsly isn't this just the NEW deck from worlds 2021?

7 Aug 2022 exodus747

Isn't this just this deck


8 Aug 2022 CritHitd20

Deck looks great but have you tried it out of shaper with pinhole threading?

8 Aug 2022 flimflam

o can i count the memes

8 Aug 2022 Watzlav

@CritHitd20Well, but then it would not be the NWE Worlds list from the last year.

10 Aug 2022 Gries

Which directives are best for Adam right now?

14 Aug 2022 leachrode

@Gries always find the truth, neutralise and safety first, abr is a liability 99.9% of the time

15 Aug 2022 tantale

Cool deck. You might want to include this new card, Pinhole Threading. It lets you fire Find the Truth and access a remote card in the same click.

19 Aug 2022 rojazu

looks like a good crim deck to me

19 Aug 2022 rojazu

yeah tested it out against Sports metal. they had no chance. very much like crim. a bit more decision making required because of the directives which is good