Suitcase Andy (1st @ Store champ in Linköping, Sweden)

mcbeast 1018

This is the deck, with the lamest name ever, that I took with me to a Store Champ in Linköping, 28th of January. It went undefeated (I just realized) the whole day and carried me to a Grand Final win. As Corp I played Purple drank CI.

giphy.gif(This gif has nothing to do with anything. I just like cats and Şifr is a suitcase.)


During this tournament I met (in order) an Nisei Division (Batty/traps/all the stuff), standard CtM, Hasty CI, Prision PU (horrible matchup, sniped agendas on top of R&D with no cards in hand), and an Quicksand/Data Raven CtM two times in the top cut.

All in all I felt that the deck did what it was supposed to, with the hardest matchups was Jinteki. Luckily I didn't encounter any HB Friendcoats, as glacier against Crim can be a hazzle.



You know what has the same influence as Desperado? Şifr. Let you save a LOT of money against bigger ICE, and also gives you more slots for programs (i.e. standard breakers plus some Tapwrm or Snekdoor). Not as good as Desperado against asset-spam, but I found it more worth it in the long run in this kind of deck.

Aaron Marrón

Aroon5 is a beast. Account Siphon is now click-free to remove tags, you can float tags until the end of your turn, it draws you cards against damage and so on. It's really really good, and you should install it ASAP.

Turning Wheel/Snekdoor

I know you're thinking "But how about slotting Legwork?!", but the reason I don't use it is because of the combination of Snekdoor and using Rebirth into Leela. Very often the Corp puts weaker ICE on Archives, because they just need something. With TTW you gain counters using Snekdoor which you can use also in R&D, and as this deck doesn't have any recursion, a flunked Legwork is a big deal.


Using Şifr opens up a lot of new ways to deal with ICE. I've previously been using Gordian Blade in all my Andy-build, but with Şifr I wanted to get as much value as possible, so I went with Yog.0 for dealing with big-ass Code Gates (and Bird for back-up, i.e. Remotes with double big CG's). Everything else is kind of standard.


Tapwrm is a great card. You get money, or the Corp has to take the time to purge. Either way you win.


In 98 % of the case: go with Leela. 'Nuff said.



Install your breakers ASAP as you don't have ANY recursion. Potential Unleashed is a thing and I find it's the hardest matchup. Keep their money low, and don't do stupid plays.


You need money and you want to bounce ICE and you want to steal agendas. Go for Snekdoor/Leela ASAP and hammer on. Don't be stupid, play smart.




Play Aroon5 and go to town. Don't be stupid.


I like this deck, and I find it kind of hard to really describe do's & dont's; play aggressive, play smart, keep the Corps money low, and go for Medium when possible.

There's one video of me piloting this deck but keep in mind; I was REALLY tired during this match, so there's a lot of errors and weird plays. Enjoy.