CritHitd20 6340


This is a Reg Anarch tuned to combat the more powerful HB decks in the format such as Seamless PD and Skunkvoid Asa. If you are a Valencia stan and want to also win games this will do the job. You have several really strong angles of attack here, and you should pivot between them whenever you feel like the Corp has overcommitted to one of them.

1: Pennyshaver+Aumakua+Hippo. Hammer HQ and get paid for it, compromising Anoetic Void and big ice. The more they commit to centrals, the slower they go.

2: Stargate+Rebirth. Further pressuring centrals without committing much in the way of slots. This may be the first meta where Rebirth into Edward Kim isn't an embarrassment.

3: Tech Apoc. Usually you can discard this and Labor Rights to Zer0/Moshing, but if they are on something like RPC or Jinja, or just Asa in general, this a really powerful card to force them to play fair. This is not really an Apoc deck, it is just a deck with an Apoc, don't fire it just because you can.

You have the potential to see an insane amount of cards with Wildcat and Moshing. It is almost always incorrect to give the runner cards with Wildcat; just think of it as a 2c Gamble and sometimes your opponent will make the mistake of letting you draw 4 into Moshing into more econ. Learning to Moshing away your unneeded cards, even if they could do something important, is an important skill to develop in piloting this deck well.

Botulus is incredible anti-rush, so is Aumakua, run the remote early and force rezzes on the remote and HQ so you have time to develop and set up the Pennyshaver. If you really dislike Apoc you could cut it and Labor Rights for some Turning Wheels fairly easily, or cut the Career Fairs for Apoc 2 if you're a degenerate. Personally I've tried a lot with the inf and tech here and this is the best I've gotten it.


18 Apr 2021 5N00P1

Thank you for posting your decks. Have you tried it against PD? A 50 card deck should have a higher variance. On the other hand Pennyshaver + Bad Pub seems a good base for being Anarch.

18 Apr 2021 CritHitd20

From my experience it is my belief that this deck is really good vs PD. My gameplan is to always contest the remote as early as possible, ideally with Botulus since it will work like an Inside Job vs Hagen. If you can disrupt the first score the decks reliance on its econ agendas really can bite them. From there I try to find Aumakua and Hippo to begin running HQ all the time, and their lack of sustained economy really throttles the scoring chain. If they manage an early Sandbox you may need to pivot to Hippoing the remote and prepping for an Apoc since Aumakua runs on HQ won't serve as econ denial anymore.

Mulligan for Zer0, Earthrise, or Moshing+breakers. This is a matchup where I sometimes Rebirth into Ed.

19 Apr 2021 rongydoge

deck is v fun A+

25 Apr 2021 Kikai

I used to love playing comrades Val, so I'm keen to give this list a whirl!

no Mining Accident though?

25 Apr 2021 CritHitd20

At the time of publishing I had been concerned that there wasn't time to capitalize on the bad pub vs Asa/PD if they get the ball rolling behind hard etrs. Needed to give a LOT of slots to card draw to reliably see Botulus and breakers in a timely manner. With the SBT taking actions to slow down the format I could see exploring Mining Accident, as it has obvious synergies with the run-based cards in the deck.

28 Apr 2021 RickRageLa

Won my first game in standard with your deck!