Theater of the Absurd

Sedatedfork 218

This is a deck I constructed and have been playing for the last couple of weeks. Thoth goes on archives. Gutenberg for R&D. Data Ravens for any server. Also good to protect QPMs. The idea is to basically try to stay ahead or even early. You score points by installing franchise city or multi installing 1 pointers. Then you gift a food (possibly even while rezzing a franchise city right before access). There are News Teams or Breached Domes that can be thrown in archives too. Then if your opponent has a food and you have a 1 point agenda, EOI, Offer, and at least 11 credits, the fun turn begins. You play Offer and name archives. If they don't give you the point, they must run archives. You rez Thoth forcing tag on encounter. If they have DDOS and/or hunting grounds you may need to have 2 Thoths (trashing the 1st after rezzing the 2nd). You don't really care about the subroutines on Thoth. Then they access whatever you have in archives, whether its TGTBT, QPM (which goes in your score area), Explode-A-Palooza, News Teams or Breached Domes. Then you can Exchange for the food. That is 2 clicks. Other options for your third click: (1) you can install franchise city for your first click (if you have 14 credits) if you have an agenda in archives to get another point, (2) you can play hedge fund or biased reporting to get the requisite credits, (3) if you have a second Exchange you can play a second, (4) If you exchanged a scored 15 minutes for a food you can click the 15 minutes back into R&D, or (5) you can trash a film critic or other resource. There are 3 MCA's to kill film critic. There are 3 Targeted Marketings which are really only used to clear Employee Strike. Other options on this deck are to cut the breached domes for judges or include AR Security to make the cost of trashing franchise city more expensive. These designs have not worked as well for me. You also have a single Sea-source if you need to land the tag and they don't accept your offers. In a world where Employee Strike and Film Critic are both on the restricted list, this deck has been a fun deck to pilot.

12 Nov 2017 Sedatedfork

So far the worst matchup by far has been Leela. That probably goes without saying as there are 13 agendas in the deck.