nimzowitsch 59

For my first in-person tournament ever, I wanted to build something special. As the price for participation were awesome Harbinger alt arts, Pawnshop it was. The new SBL brought some old cards back that I've never played, so I've included Mad Dash.

How to fire Mad Dash consistently? Stargate in Wu is amazing for a lot of reasons and conveniently also great with our new madness. Falsified Credentials help with agendas (and traps) in remotes, netting you creds and cards (with Aniccam) at the same time.

After a bit of testing I came up with this list which did well: two losses to time (about 10 minutes to play, you cannot really blame a slower deck for that ;-)) and one draw.

A casual game against an oppressive MirrorMorph Endless-Restore MCA was won on the very last turn due to Stargate + Mad Dash, which made me obviously very happy.

Notes on inclusions/omissions:

  • Mayfly is great even without support. Especially paired with Falsified.

  • No Rezeki. Econ is already great with 7 (+3) targets for Aesop's, and I wanted to go with a lean hardware package, so no additional MU except the console.

Thanks to the Berlin meta for such a warm welcome! It was a blast to play with you guys.

26 Oct 2021 gilesdavis

Nice list, looks very focused 🔥

27 Oct 2021 5N00P1

welcome and see you more often! Nice Deck!