Surat Shenanigans (2nd NSW Regionals, 2nd ANZAC Tournament)

Vicarin 132

This is a fairly standard Efficiency Committee ETF deck, but with NEXT Ice and Surat City Grid. Ended up going 9-0 with it in ANZAC (Hell yeah) and 3-3 at NSW Regionals. Hardest matchup is probably Whizz with Faust and Yog, which is what it ended up losing twice to at the Regional.

The basic idea of the deck is to just force agendas as fast as you can, while exploiting Surat City Grid. If Surat is on HQ, it is incredibly hard to be siphoned for good value. In addition, you get to randomly wreck Blackmail, Rubicon Switch, Leela, Au Revoir and Dyper, by putting it in a remote and using AAL and other assets to trigger it on your turn. It also gets around the common strategy against NEXT ice of focusing on only 1 or two servers by allowing for many rezzes at once, instantly powering up all of the ice.

An important thing to note with this deck is that you don't have any proper defensive upgrades, so you will lose the late game if you can't tax the runner with repeated runs. It's also not great against parasite recursion, so you have to move quickly if you suspect that, and try to set up a situation where you can just FA the remaining agendas from HQ.