:rotato: reg (1st at Brighton SC)

Shmeguy 1589

This bloated pile of 46 cards (checkmate 45 purists) won the first store champs of the year at Dice Saloon - 24 players.

The only loss of the day was in Swiss to Mike Prosser's rewiring combo CI that Punitived me out of nowhere lol. I think the deck performed well because it was fast enough compared to Valencia that I was able to close out a lot of games quickly, before the Corp had much time to develop a secure board state. The extra draw and heap tutoring gets around classic Anarch problems, but presents some issues when facing Skorpios or PU which I thankfully did not.

Shout out to my Worlds dad Stephen Ball for sending me MaxX builds which this is based on. My main addition were the 2 Femmes, which are pretty good answers for some of the ICE in the top corps: Raven and Booth in CTM, Mythic stuff in CI combo, Excalibur in Agfusion etc. The 46th slot is a panic Citadel Sanctuary, my fave double duty tech card that is necessary for the combo MU and pretty okay against CTM to stay ahead on tempo.

Overall fun deck, decided to take it despite thinking lock Hayley was probably stronger, but is such a snooze fest in my opinion. Luckily, it turned out to be strong whilst playing good old wholesome Netrunner so I highly recommend it.

Full tournament results:


26 Nov 2017 stephenball

So proud of my little boy. Although I don’t think I was given enough credit.

26 Nov 2017 ScrappySPJ

See you at Portsmouth next weekend?

26 Nov 2017 Saan

Nice! I love me a good MaxX deck.

Also, what the hell does the prize support look like this SC season? FFG hasn't even announced them yet, and SCs are already started.

27 Nov 2017 snek

@ScrappySPJ yeah man see you!

@Saan lol ikr we didnt have a kit

27 Nov 2017 AkAnderson

that 6 is gross

28 Nov 2017 Oh_Em_Ve

Netrunner Mom here

Did you go find you ever used the rebirth?

28 Nov 2017 Watzlav

@Oh_Em_Ve Rebirth is your hate card against potatoes. LOL

28 Nov 2017 snek

@Oh_Em_Vehi mum

rebirth is bad in maxx but as watzlav said its your best card vs PU. Didnt see any and wasnt worth it in the end

11 Dec 2017 neuropantser

Is this the deck you played in the SSCI as well? Congrats on the finish!

13 Dec 2017 Longi

I believe Rebirth can help also against Maxx's enemy No. 1, i. e. Scorpios. Rebirth into Quetzal can give you another shot after your fracters have been removed. Most of the currently used barriers have one sub, except Tithonium.