Ubiquitous Sandburg: The Vig You Need

Jtfq99999 242


5 Mar 2023 holzpubbnsubbe

This is a lot of fun to play!

5 Mar 2023 Mancini

Why not throw in 1x Bio Vault to protect the Big Vig?

5 Mar 2023 Jtfq99999

@Mancini is 1x consistent enough ? it's a good idea

5 Mar 2023 Jtfq99999

@holzpubbnsubbe thanks!

6 Mar 2023 Diogene

Awesome deck!

I tested the deck with Warroid Tracker and it pairs well with Degree Mill. It allowed me to dismantle part of the board of the runner when they trashed either Sandburg or the big Ubiquitous Vig.

Since credits are not a real issue and I wanted some Code Gate, I replaced Endless EULA by Tollbooth. Finally, a single Shipment from Vladisibirsk is the tag punishment of the deck.

The bane of this deck is Tsakhia "Bankhar" Gantulga, bypass tools and Light the Fire!, but seeing(in my mind) the face of the runner when facing a 20+ strenght ice is truly priceless.

Thanks for sharing this Janky Corp! Cheers!

9 Mar 2023 Jtfq99999

EDITS: Bio Vault good

2 Ubiquitous Vig 3 Bio Vault 3 Sandburg 3 Data Ward 1 Tollbooth 3 Magnet 2 Attitude Adjustment 3 IP Block 2 La Costa Grid 3 Rashida Jaheem 1 Tomorrow's Headline 3 Bellona 2 Hydra 3 Regolith Mining License 3 F2P 3 Daily Quest 3 Spin Doctor 3 Degree Mill 3 Hedge Fund

9 Mar 2023 Jtfq99999

EDIT 2: Mestnichestvo better than Tollbooth - @Meryu

20 Mar 2023 ArmitageShanks

I really like this Deck! I'm new to Jinteki and the 'meta' and love NBN but boy have I been struggling - ICE feels like wet toilet paper and scoring behind agendas is just not possible with my skill-set/deck makeup. I refuse to move to a meat damage deck as I find it unfun so I felt stuck. This beast has changed that. Sat there smiling at a Turbine using, cleaver Runner that is starting at a strength 15 IP block before they even see the unrezzed Hydra has me giggling away in joy. I used the recommended changes too and find it works really wennt. I can atest: Bio Vault. Good.

16 May 2023 exzo777

I changed some things and play succesfully. 150 credits on last turn) NGO front and mavirus are added.

18 May 2023 Jtfq99999

Thanks for the suggestion! Yeah NGO is pretty good. Roughneck Repair Squad could also be considered, going up to 59 cards using Global Food Initiative will tilt the random access in your favor. I'm not sure about Mavirus, seems like a very temporary solution

18 May 2023 exzo777

Roughneck Repair Squad is tempo loss. Actually I removed 1 regolith, cause after 1st one it's dead draw. I added 3d Magnet too, cause botulus is problem. I have 1 Mestnichestvo and looks like it could be changed to Tollboth, because it's auto.

19 May 2023 exzo777

As current meta goes on, viruses are everewhere. At least, Mavirus cleanse once and block archives for running. Khumalo stomped with hippo and devil charms.

28 Jul 2023 MichelleLewis

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21 Sep 2023 kalyl

Be prepared to include tech cards among us that address specific threats or challenges you expect to face in your local meta. This might include cards to deal with Runner recursion, AI breakers, or other common runner strategies.

15 Nov 2023 sulo167

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