Spikey Glacier - Worlds 2017 59th

alshorte 76

All the never-advance shenanigans you loved from jammy HB with the extra spice of net damage!

This deck is a ton of fun to play, and has a few different win cons. Ideally you get a few agendas scored while the runner struggles to set up in time, then start to force them through an unpalatable remote of Kakugo / Dataloop / Hokusai / Prisec for nothing more than Marilyns / breached domes (or some other never advanced bullshit :) )

Alternatively if your opponent gets set up too quickly, this deck durtles pretty well. I have managed to burn through 2 Levys in net/meat damage and then lock the runner out of all servers with Kakugos

Finally, Punitives are in there as a secondary win con! For the aggressive runner who tries to score out before you, neglecting to build sufficient economy, feed them agendas and punish them with Counterstrikes.

Indexing can be rough if you don't get your Mirajus down since they avoid your traps, but with 2 of, you will usually see it. Also it was very satisfying all World's watching their faces as they read all the mean things coming up XD

Anyway enjoy rusing your opponents!

59th at World's 2017