Deep Mining Kit (4-2 SOCR 7, #28)

lostgeek 3586

C&C continues to have the most Econ you can imagine in a SOCR environment. I played 4-2 with this deck (wins against Azmari, BABW, Mti, and SYNC and losses against Azmari and Mti), loosing mostly due to piloting errors (disrespecting Azmari with Better Citizen Project only to realize that the extra tax on Stimhack, Dirty Laundry, DDM and Embezzle is worse than I had thought and faceplanting into an Anansi against Mti which hit too many utilities from my grip than I could recover from).

You simply mulligan for ProCo and go from there. Try to place your Engolo on a Dhegdheer and keep one Clone Chip to use after passing all of the R&D ICE to trash all the helper programs like Egret and Kyuban, so you can access the full 5 cards.

25 Sep 2018 BlackCherries

How worth was the Embezzle for you? Did you find you were always calling operation?

25 Sep 2018 lostgeek

I used it mostly to pressure HQ and call Operation most of the time. I tried calling ICE against Mti once and failed if I remember correctly.

Spear Phishing would probably have been the more solid option, but I like the information Embezzle provides besides the economy.