Dumble Zero - Meeples Games SC 1st Place, Undefeated

podoboyz99 2364

I've always been a big fan of the Dumblefork deck, even when I had to play against it. I took Dumble to 2 regionals last year, getting 5th both times. I feel its very skill rewarding, and thats what I look for in tournament viable decks. As you might imagine, I was very exited when Sifr was spoiled.

The card is actually insane. It is great beyond just parasite spam, it lets you run more safely, and it makes the corp unable to create scoring windows reliably. It doesn't replace David, because you don't want to pitch 3 cards to DNA tracker on facecheck, but it certainly helps you be more aggressive with your David use. I think the card is above the curve, but this whole cycle has been, so whatever. We solved the problem of "When it comes to Anarch consoles, only Grimore and Turntable are good enough" but created the problem of "Only Obelus and Sifr are good enough."

2 Slums is absolutely the right call, it saved my bacon so many times on the day. 90% of good decks are playing Friends these days, so I almost always install it. Even though there were no CTM players at this tournament (Aaron scared them off I guess), it was still very useful. There is an argument to cut the Plascrete for a second Deja Vu, but I like to play it safe.

If you are wondering about the name, Sifr in Arabic translates to zero, and I am really uncreative.

On the day (1/16/17) the deck went 5-0 as I played against IG 54, IG 49, Vegan Titan Biotic, and I ID'd against a HBFA player last round. In the cut I was the third seed, so my opponent chose to play PU against Whizz, then I played Whizz against the same IG 49 player I beat round 2. I had only played runner so far in the cut, so in the finals I played with CI and won. The corp list I used on the day can be found here.

Tournament data: https://alwaysberunning.net/tournaments/301/meeples-games-store-championship

Big thanks to Meeples Games for hosting the event and to Connor for TOing. Congratulations to @netjogging on another SC top 4, to @saan for making the cut and handing me my only loss all day on either side, and to @jaredrules for letting me take the crown of the Meeples Games SC from him in the finals. Please comment below with any questions, and go out and destroy some ice!

17 Jan 2017 LSK

Love this list! The folk I test with were thinking of playing a Dumblefork type build with Sifr instead of a "reg-ass", and I'm glad to see a good version of it to mess around with :)

17 Jan 2017 mohaymen

I've been playing the same list but with no slums. I agree with slums, friend is just too much.

17 Jan 2017 Saan

I think I would have had a much better chance had you only been on even just 1 slums, but running 2 basically just wins you all your asset-spam matchups, no matter the number of Friends. I stopped running asset decks for a long time because they had rough times against Whizz, but with Friends being out the matchup swung pretty well into the spammer's favor. In my testing I still did quite well vs Whizzard decks. But good god, 2x Strike 2x Slums just makes shit completely miserable. Only one of our games of the 2 we played was even remotely close; the second game I never felt like I even had a win-con any more. Fantastic deck selections, and wonderful playing of said decks =)

17 Jan 2017 TR1S

Did you miss the second copy of knifed at all? It seems as if Aaron Maron may also scare off all the 24/7 Boom players as well so cutting a plascrete for a second knifed also seems sensible.

17 Jan 2017 Grimwalker

This is one card off from my list--I cut one Datasucker to get another ┼×ifr in.

17 Jan 2017 podoboyz99

@LSK I'm glad I could provide a list for you to play around with!

@mohaymen Agreed, the slums is super key these days, I'm having a hard time playing any deck without slums these days, to be honest.

@Saan Thanks! I think I misplayed that first game a bit, I refused to try and hold the board when I had neither slums or strike in play, I should've kept checking remotes. This list is favored vs IG49 regardless of if you contest board or not, but I think I could've done it better in that Swiss game.

@TR1S I did not regret cutting the second knifed. The only barriers you see these days now that CTM is rare in the meta is vanilla and the occasional big barrier like Curtain Wall or Chiyashi. The knifed barely gets used, especially now that you have Sifr, but you still don't want to be running through those big barriers multiple times. If I was going to cut a Plascrete for something it would be a 2nd Deja Vu for more Parasite spam or a Queens Gambit to help with the Russian NEH matchup, a deck I think might be on the rise again.

@Grimwalker 2 Sifr is wrong in a Wyldcakes deck, I am sure of it. The super provides more early flexibility and is much much cheaper, and a lot of the time you don't even need Sifr for most of the game. In a ten Whizz, I would go to 2 Sifr because of the lack of Davids and the security blanket it provides from stuff like DNA Tracker and Fairchild 3, but here, 1 is correct.

19 Jan 2017 Netrunnerunner

I chose to use 3 Faust and 2 Sifr. My problem with Dumbleforks is that, in those games when it takes a long time to find cards you want, you're very, very sad. There are also kind of a lot of cards that you want or need (Faust, Wyldside, potentially D4v1d for Fairchild 3 or DNA Tracker), because you really don't want to let HB get a bunch of early money from Campaigns; that money is what lets them use Friends to get back the ICE you trashed. Sifr gives you more ways to deal with ICE early on for those games when Faust just doesn't want to come up; I also appreciate that it deals with IP Block and Macrophage efficiently, which are otherwise super annoying to deal with more than once. That said, it's entirely possible I'm not playing it optimally.

Congrats on the store champs win!

19 Jan 2017 mohaymen

Would you agree with -1 datasucker +1 sifr? Since they both reduce strength