Malia CTM - 2nd at Worlds 2020

tf34 1380

CTM is one of my favorite corps, so I was determined to brew something CTM for Worlds even though most felt it was not competitive at the moment. Previous CTM lists had the following problems in this meta:

  • High agenda density being bad against Leela
  • Freedom going tagme and trashing everything
  • Freedom laughing at all of CTM’s ice (wrap, tour guide, enigma, data raven)
  • Miss Bones

To combat these issues, I decided to draft a CTM with a low agenda density and an ice suite to at least make Freedom put in some effort. This led me to the following changes.

  • Removal of Team Sponsorship and Amani, which are less valuable with fewer agendas.
  • The removal of Tour Guide, which in Bones / Freedom world, is not taxing much of anything. It’s only really good vs shapers and some apoc decks with just MK Ultra. Not worth influence in this meta imo.
  • Adjusting the ice suite to focus more on taxing Freedom and punishing Turtle.
  • Malia

About Malia

Malia was originally chosen because I wanted to run Commercial Bankers Group and Marilyn Campaign and needed to fill three more HB influence for Jeeves alliance. Turns out it’s insanely good even if the runner knows it's coming. Malia by itself can swing a game when it hits Liberated Account, Earthrise Hotel, The Class Act, Miss Bones, Professional Contact, Citadel Sanctuary, and much more.

About F2P and Tollbooth

If I am not playing Data Raven and Tour Guide for reasons mentioned above, then I need some sort of sentry. F2P is the best option. I originally tried Hydra over the Tollbooth, but it was too expensive.

Tollbooth is here as something to dump your money into when the runner does not challenge your asset econ.

How it Plays

The deck plays a lot like the former Jeeves CTM/NEH decks. Your goal is to tempo your way to 7 points. If the runner challenges your board, HHN them and Psycho your way to victory. Being good at scoring out through only two agendas (usually 5/3 + 4-point Beale) is a big deal against Leela.

I had a high win rate with this deck on Jnet heading into worlds, so I felt confident it would perform well and surprise a few people. Never imagined I would end up 2nd. Congrats to Limes on your victory. Thank you to the entire NISEI team for organizing the event.

Also shoutout to my testing/deck building teammate Crunchums, who has spent many hours helping me prepare and refine these lists.

12 Oct 2020 rongydoge

I've never been so happy to be proven dead wrong. Great piloting and great run!

12 Oct 2020 analyzechris

This was such a pleasure to watch except when it bodied my own Freedom in the cut.

12 Oct 2020 koga

Malia is amazing and so are you. Congrats on the placement!

12 Oct 2020 aDumbBrick

Brilliant Deck, I am so impressed by it. One suggestion if you are ever looking to body Geist Nerds like me. TechnoCo is 100x worse than Malia ;)

12 Oct 2020 Longi

A like the analytic approach when deck building. Congrats!

12 Oct 2020 Ghost Meat

Congrats on your amazing tournament @tf34!

12 Oct 2020 boreira

And some of your games from the top cut where a blast to watch chhers!

13 Oct 2020 Limes

I love this list! Malia is an inspired choice that I expect we'll be seeing more of in the future, and the rest of the deck is incredibly well thought out. Was a real pleasure to play against you on the day, @tf34 :)

13 Oct 2020 Simone Suka

How this deck really plays:

Win the final scoring being a Wraparound and gtfo

In italy we LOVED that match, at all! Very nice piloting mate!

13 Oct 2020 tf34

Thanks everybody for the kind words!

@aDumbBrick The Pad and and NASX are definitely flexible slots. TechnoCo seems like an amazing 2of if Geist does dominate the meta. Thanks for the idea!