Swiss Army Smoke (15th @ Worlds 2019)

Dante42 181

While I felt comfortable with my corp choice for Worlds, the runner felt trickier. No ID convinced me enough in testing. After last-minute consultations with @longi, we both decided to take Smoke, as she seemed to have reasonable match-ups against everything except asset spam (which I met only once during the tournament).

This deck is a copy of Swiss Army Smoke with a single change - Legwork instead of Falsified Credentials. In hindsight this was not the way to go, all deckbuilding credit goes to Odol. Only "use" I got from Legwork was that it almost killed me against HQ with 2 Snares (luckily I hit only 1).

The deck went 5-1 in Swiss (one win was ironically against Odol... sorry) and 0-1 in top cut against AgInfusion, when I decided to contest the first Nisei Mk II and got hit by Tithonium + Marcus Batty.

Thanks to the organizers, players and our Czech crew of @longi, @iref, @mildesorte10, @Krasty, @TwadaCZ for a great event.

8 Oct 2019 Longi

Hey man, congrats once more on top 16! Feels good to be deck consultant for one of the 16 best players in the world :)

8 Oct 2019 Odol

Congratulations on making top16! Glad my pet project deck could be of any help :) Rock on!

8 Oct 2019 Saan

I think my favorite part about Smoke right now is that you can just play Film Critic and be fine. It feels like 2/3s of the agendas right now you'd rather just host on FC than steal them. Knowing this, I was still a chicken and fell back on Hayley for some reason. Great job on your performance!