CTeMpo (1st-place NZ nationals)

cyberewok 468

Direct copy of Noah's gencon list with some ice/tag punishment changes for the meta I was expecting. Players were very averse to tags and were all playing around HHN (most of the time) so I reduced the tag punishment and a HHN from the original list and added another exchange as it is better with BN than the other punishment. This nationals was legal to Blood Money only and was held start of September. 21 players were in attendance. This deck gets better with MVT I think. I would have included it if I had tested more.

28 Oct 2016 PureFlight

What would you drop for MVT?

28 Oct 2016 cyberewok

2 popups and a pad getting dropped for the MVTs was what I was testing after. I know the guard seems janky but it is real useful as no inside job/nexus plays and is usually the last breaker people get vs CTM so can cheeky score behind it often.