Death by a million cuts - 1st place Uppsala SC

Greek Geek 461

TLDR: very strong deck that hasn't dropped a single game in tsting or the tournamnet. Won in the tournamnet against 2 Apoc Val, Jesminder on clot and film critic, Smoke on film critic, Geist. Very easy to spend light on credits but also have alot of them to always threaten Snare! and Biotic, Shikyu.

A lot of times scoring a Sting! flatlined the runner. Also 3 Chronos because between bin breakers, Levy's and crowdfundings you are always getting value from what you remove. Ark Lockdown for the same reasons.

Heads up to Cambro with which I trained in preperation for showing me how powerful the deck is. This list is a reimplementation of his deck.

Edit: Deck choices

I was in love with PE already from the begining of Netrunner. That said it was mostly a fun non-competitve deck most of the time.It is a bast now.

There are 2 reasons that I can see about it. First there is a critical mass of damage dealing cards in the pool that didn't exist before. Sting! coming with downfall takes the deck over the top by giving 6 to 8 damage per game for PE on 3 cards. Secondly the old trick of econ denial then run and trash everything does not function anymore. Corps can bounce fast and Diversion of Funds is no Shipon, plus much less recursion.

On the list apart from a few FA and denial tools tere is only money and damage. It is enough.

Card choises: Sting! Obviously MVP. On PE without Employee Strike 3 of them will give 7-8 damage depending on which side scored/accesed. Also with 2 of those stollen or scored scoring the last one or feeding it to the runner is 4 net that the runner cannot deny (like Obokata for example).

Chronos Project. As said a lot of targets on heap in the meta. Ark Lockdown for an extra cheeky removal.

House of Knives is 4 damage and can get the runner out of range from stealing agendas or within killing range of Stings!

Philotic gave me the win once by flattlining a runner with 3 agendas and a Shikyu.

Breached Dome is probably better than Snare! Fires from everywhere without needing money and even if the stack is empty (in which case you are already winning) it gives one damage that cannot be denied by Caldera or Feedback filter.

Psychic Field fired once the whole game but I din't face any runner on flasified/Aumakua, I still stand by the choise.

Biotic and Shipment are obvious includes. They close out games or they score on turns after the runner hits a snare and has to draw up next turn. Too big to fail just for the times you will need to bounce from 0 or prepare for a biotic next turn, helped immencly almost everytime I drew it.

Crisium is a so so answer to Khusyuk and Diversion of funds. Probably can live without it but then what to include as a one of influence?

Ice choices.

Kakugo is a pretty obvious choice. 4 to rez for a constant 1 net. It got hippoed a couple of times but oh well. Aiki and Cortex locks were cheap surprise includes. I cannot believe how many people faceplanted on Cortex lock before setting up. Aiki protecting a Psychic Field is also e very nasty surprise as the runner will almost always break 2 of the subs and bead 0 on the next. Also you can force the runner to overdraw and he will have to discard if he is low on credits/clicks. "Soft" damage.


1st game against Geist. I score a Chronos, removing a part of her breakers, she steals one but in the run trashes her 2nd Levy through a Kakugo. I draw a Biotic and FA my 3rd Chronos making sure the win. After that she gets to mcuh damage to be able to score out and concedes.

2nd gameagainst Val. I do not remeber that match that well, but at the end I score out and he cannot steal any more agendas becuase I grinded the deck with House of Knives and Stings!

3rd round against Jesminder. Get a very lucky Gauss in the Heap, not sure if that was damage or a discard. Next run I FA a Crhonos and because I have a Kakugo in each central the runner is locked out for the rest of the game. Has to concede because of damage, I am at 6 points and only look forward for my next FA tool to score out.

4rth round against Smoke. I get really lucky and take out both the fracter and killer in a run through a Cortex Lock. I Ark Lockdown the Dagger only to find the FA Chronos next turn. Only with REfractor the situation is very hard for Smoke even though Film Critic and Clot are out. In the end has to take a Shi kyu from Archives in order to stay with 4 cards and next turn I score a Philotic for the win trough flatline.

Top cut games are both against Val. Nothing extraordinaryon the first one. Second one Val faceplants through a Cortex Lock, runs into an installed Snare! twice and when she ends the turn with 2 cards in hand and a Sting! scored I FA a sting! for 2+1damage for the win (no I've had worse unfortunatelly for Val)

And that's it. I hope someone reads and enjoys the report. Deck is strong. Play it

31 Mar 2019 Jinsei

Black Tree lives!

Small correction, I wasn't on Clot, but merely rushing you into thinking I had one (instead of installing the Gauss which I should have done hahaha!)

31 Mar 2019 Greek Geek

@DonLoverGateYou are correct it was Smoke that played Clot.

21 Apr 2019 zmb

with the small amount of ICE I guess this deck is very sad to see 419 (that is the most popular runner on jnet right now. Maybe Voter Intimidation and one more Psychic Field to intice him not to expose cards?

25 Jun 2019 HaibaneRenmei

@Greek Geek Could Sting! be successfully replaced with anything if I were playing with a Snapshot pool?