Concrete Boots on the Moon - 2nd Ottawa Circuit Opener

Johnny Polite 387

This is the Corp deck I brought to the Ottawa Circuit Opener today where I figured everyone would be playing ControLat, and I didn't want to care about how efficient a runner's engine was - much better to just turn their cards into hit points and roll the dice. In the end I did play against 3 Boat Lat decks in the tournament and won all three games, so I guess the gamble worked.

The deck went 3-1 all day, and the one loss was very close. The runner ran HQ through an anemone and trashed their last card, was completely locked out for the rest of the game on centrals (so I could comfortably score Obokatas), but accessed a winning non-obo agenda with 2/5 odds. So it goes.

I commend the organization formerly known as Nisei for the design of the new Jinteki cards. Moon Pool is fantastic, as it can allow us to do things like add advancements to an Urtica the runner is checking, or to a Clearinghouse before our turn begins. The 1 Regenesis is cheeky, but it did win me a game when I tossed an Obokata one round then scored the Regenesis the next. Early versions of this deck had 3 Regenesis and 20 agenda points, but I think playing more Sting! and House of Knives is correct. This isn't a Regenesis deck, or a Bladderwort deck, as much as the idea is to just take whatever avenue seems promising. Maybe that means pinging the runner with Bladderwort for a few cards before building up money and switching to something else.

Because I don't expect subroutines to fire very often, Data Loop, Anemone, and even Vasilisa have effects beyond subroutines that either make it easier to kill the runner or to advance our cards.

It's a fun deck, I hope you give it a try!