Every Bad Win Card From TD

sirris 616

14 May 2017 Kikai

But how does it work?

14 May 2017 webster

Jon Dalesandry is one hell of a player and deck builder.

14 May 2017 Eji1700


I suck but from what I can tell it's sorta asset spam never advance/shell games...or at least thats how I got it to work?

Defend your centrals (less worry on R&D thanks to traps) and get a protected jeeves down. You could already never advance your atlas, but now you can also never advance your corp towns. If they start checking your remotes you've got prisec, KP, and snares to screw with them.

15 May 2017 sirris

I think a good change would be to play Show of Force instead of Oaktown, and cut a sapper for public support.

16 May 2017 Anachron

How do you feel about Elizabeth Mills to combat NACH and slums?

16 May 2017 Eji1700


After screwing with it a bit more it's really a rush deck that doesn't run ANY operation econ, not even hedge fund, so I don't think the oaktown can be dropped without a pretty heavy rework.

Dropping oaktown behind a server and advancing once or even twice is such an important move, as it lets you build econ even if they barge through, and usually opens up a followup scoring window. I do wonder if the barebones econ would work vs someone who knows the deck, because it feels like I rarely, if ever, have the money to really threaten snares or prisec in the early game and still score.

16 May 2017 sirris

@Anachron Sounds like a good idea.

@Eji1700 The deck was really only supposed to work once. If they know what you are up to, it becomes pretty hard to actually win.