FREEDOM 'only-lost-to-RotomAppliance' SMASH

Espatier 73

Local cybercriminal gets paid 1 credit per turn to trash cards!

I love playing Freedom with Virus Breeding Ground. They quietly fuel your ability and your Yusufs. They let you recharge a Pelangi. If you're really in the pits, they can get you six credits a turn with Consume. Do not heed the non-believers. Never remove a single Virus Breeding Ground from your Freedom decks.

The Demolisher Experiment

I wanted to find a way to convert VBG tokens into cold, hard credits. Demolisher in Freedom is... kind of that way? I only installed it a couple of times on the day, and only triggered it at all in one of those games. It didn't make me physically sick having it on the table, but it didn't do anything crazy. Card's pretty balanced, but I wish it were cheaper. Plus 'pretty balanced' is weak for a console. Honestly, it could probably be a Turntable.

The Rest

Everything else is fairly standard. Mulligan hard for Yusuf, and if the corp doesn't ice up centrals then just start running and trashing. Otherwise take advantage of all that draw to go looking for whatever you need.

Pelangi and Hippo make for a brutal combo, especially if one or the other is on a Street Peddler.

I have a soft spot for Friday Chip, but I have to face up to the fact that it's a flex slot. At least one of them should be a Stimhack.

The Imp is also to taste. I like being able to nuke big cards and still have Freedom's ability around. It also helps dig deeper into R&D if you're panicking. It could be a Datasucker or a Gravedigger.