Azmari Crazy Killing Machine / 3 - 0/ Genoa

Dana 43

Our last run on Via Vezzani - 2022.06.15.

Credits to Diogene Reality Plus. Neurospike - Reeducation - Seamless Launch it's a solid combo but once they knew that you got it, nothing prevents the runner to keep the pressure on the servers. I've had to find a solution to slow down the runner, hard hitting news as scarecrow and azmari effect to discourage are nice answers. Keegan + Ping could be what saves your late game (by trashing a unity for example) if something with the combo went wrong. Sprint is perfect to speed up and shuffle back a bellona flood.

Match 1 - Los: won by neurospike pretty soon

Match 2 - Knot: won by neurospike turn 3, really scared by a first turn aumakua.

Match 3 - Steve: won by boom in early game

16 Jun 2022 Bestialterata

Everyone playing Boom! is my friend.

19 Jun 2022 Diogene

I got to try this! Thanks for the credit and for sharing. Cheers!

30 Jun 2022 Angelnet5000

Why not go 44 cards? You can still include 3x Predictive Planogram that you can use to draw, if you need to speed up your game or can lift you up from being broke and provide some mild tag punishment if the runner decides to go tag me while drawing you towards your Boom.