The Killing* of the Keeling of a Sacred DeeR

Limes 642

* - Results may vary.

This is the runner I took to CBI. I expected a lot of Aginfusion prison decks similar to @DeeR's The Keeling of a Sacred DeeR, and tried to pack a lot of tech for this matchup while still retaining some of the essentially mandatory R+ tech. I went 3-3 with it in the end and finished 14th, beating a couple of Asa lists and an Outfit, and, uhhhhhhhh, losing to two Aginfusions (one expertly piloted by DeeR themself) and an R+. Oh well...

The deck itself is a blast to play, can set up relatively quickly, and feels pretty solid against a variety of non-prison corps. Cezve has some really nice synergy with both Q-Loop and Masterwork, allowing you to get a lot of value from every run on centrals while maintaining pressure, and the new cybernetics in Parhelion can be very powerful. I'm definitely intending to experiment more with the core of the list, even if/when the SBL team do something about the corp archetypes it was designed (unsuccessfully) to beat. In terms of why the deck didn't work as intended, I definitely made some piloting errors, but it could also use some more money that isn't run-based. The R+ game felt more winnable than the Ag games, but a third pinhole would have been nice too.

I should say something about Tracker, because after several games with it I have opinions. It was intended as a silver bullet against Nanisivik Grid, but after trying to make it work in these exact matchups, I have decided that I hate it. I hate it so much. Here is a non-exhaustive list of reasons why it sucks:

  • It only works against one server per turn.
  • You can only choose that server at the beginning of your turn, which means it's utterly useless on the turn you install it.
  • It's a click ability, so you can't combine it with run events. This is really bad in a faction where much of your econ is in run events.
  • It doesn't combine with Hippo either.
  • Or Poison Vial.
  • It uses up two whole MU. TWO!
  • You can't choose which subroutine to fire it on, it only blocks the first that would fire. Almost all ice tends to be arranged with the least consequential subs first, and things like "end the run" at the end, rather than the other way around.
  • Even if you try combining it with boomerang, you're still not safe from Anansi.
  • The two-credit cost to use the ability really starts to add up if you use it a lot. There are very few high-strength single-sub ice cards, so you're never really saving much money.
  • The card art leaves a bit to be desired.
15 Jan 2023 CobraBubbles

+1 on Tracker sucking. If people want Crim tech against Nani, Caldera is right there.

Very cool deck! Love the Hippo include especially, inspired stuff.

15 Jan 2023 thebigunit3000

Did a huge double take upon seeing Hippo on stream. Congrats on the cool deck and good finish!

15 Jan 2023 spags

Love the name. Barry Keoghan rocks