The Formula

Vocke 182

Several months ago I thought: "let's try Casting Call in SSO". Well it ended up putting Government Takeover being super silly (or was it drunk?).

This deck is very fast, the only thing you need to draw is Red Planet Couriers, since all the other pieces to make the combo work have six copies, thanks to Consulting Visit.

How to Play:

Don't bother about defending R&D too much, don't bother about defending HQ too much ;). Deepen your Remote instead (at least two or three pieces of ice). Find RPC, with Rashida and/or Wall to Wall. If you do, play Fast Track, get GT, play Casting Call on it and put 6 advancement tokens on either Masvingo or Orion for maximum effectivness. Masvingo just has 7 subroutines now, lol. Wait for the slightly less smooth runners turn, laugh madly in front of your screen. Wait another turn, play rpc and there you are 6 Points ahead, hihi.

It does actually work:

  • I got a 50:10 winrate (83%) with that deck on Jnet, which I find quite astonishing for how janky this deck looks at first glance.

  • It is really consistent thanks to a lot of tutoring.

  • The agenda density is very low, which gives you a nice advantage, since you have 6 Fast tracks in your deck.

Some Notes:

One could wonder why there is no Ice Wall in this decklist. After some testing I switched to Akhet, which is more consistent if you don't draw your combo. In this case you will need to switch to the other agendas, which still gives you a good way to win. Don't focus too much on GT. "normal play" does work, too!

3 Mar 2021 m.p

What about cutting Mausolus for +1 Hortum and +1 Border Control to improve your ability to stop the Runner and swapping Masvingos for three Colossuss?

3 Mar 2021 Vocke

Hm don't know if I would do those changes: Colossus has no etr and is more expensive, while the deck is definetly low on money. Mausolus is still nice central ICE, which the deck should have at least some. Another Border Control might be worth a try, but is also no good target for the SSO ability.

5 Mar 2021 theoneakaneo

nice build

Border Control seems tempting

but imho, I wouldn't replace Mausolus, it's a decently priced taxing piece of ice vs most runners, and becomes stronger with SSO's ability breaking it repeatedly is a real burden

7 Mar 2021 Shorty

Cool deck, love me some more good green rush decks! With a few tweaks this looks like its still playable after rotation. Deck will surely miss the casting calls but some soft replacement does exist.

8 Mar 2021 Davidmc7

As someone who got my butt kicked by this deck on Jnet quicker than you can say "Government Takeover", I approve this decklist.

8 Mar 2021 ntahfs

I've tried this and it really is quite good!

9 Mar 2021 vesper

Just tried this out in a friendly game and I kept scratching my head most of the game. Brilliant and fun :-) Well built!

12 Mar 2021 VHSglitch

Fun deck!