Running Away From The Meta

Jandersoncad 1015

So the idea of this deck came from when I would make trips to go play events in Georgia. Those wacky North Georgia Netrunner folk always are playing the coolest stuff and I wanted to stop being caught off guard. Once I saw Rosetta 2.0 I knew this was the solid tutor I needed.

Originally the list ran a 2x Self-Modifying Code. But now we can run Cache!!!! as a SMC!!!! Let me break this down for you. Cache reads make 2 dollars and get a free Au Revoir. That two dollar profit can go to a Snitch or a Reflection. On turn 2 it is very easy with this deck to have engine online and be making 3 credits a run. So what do we do with the six influence we gained from removing SMC. More Programs! It was brought to my attention by my friend Ve when I was running Sac Construct that if there not on Hunter Seeker it really doesn't do anything. Not running Clot or Tapwurm.

But now we can do 2x Sherman and 2x Shrike. Why these well the MU in this deck is kinda weird. with 4MU eating up for your engine you have to get creative with memory solutions. Reflection is an amazing card with Au Revoir. Every time you do your thing on HQ you get to expose a card from HQ! Lets you know when you need to go in and sweep the hand with The Turning Wheel.

Some new stuff in the deck: Added a Beth Kilrain-Chang because you know what is bettter than making dollars. Making more dollars! One of the Self Modifying Codes became this.

Rubicon Switch, so this card is dope. Eventually you have to run and if you leave a click remaining at the end of the turn (which should be good habit) then you Rubicon Switch the outermost ice you had to run through and turn your engine back on. This use to be one of the issues of the deck is eventually you had to do something and if they got ice rezzed you kinda got sad.

Film Critic. I'm looking at you Hunter Seeker. Plus it works well with New Angeles City Hall which was an issue with the deck vs taggy combo stuff.

Feedback Filter. Not really new but I put it back in because lots of PE around with BigBoy's Teaching Deck and PU. Each run saves you a net damage. Makes a lot of games one sided.

Finally Mammon. So this is an interesting idea brought up over tacos. This deck is ideal for this AI because hypothetically if you don't forget (very tall order sometimes) you can know every ice on a server and know exactly the number of counters you need. Originally was Vamadeva but trying it out. (Idea credit goes to Ve again).

Besides that its a different deck that I've enjoyed playing and its really fun to have people targeted marketing Temujin Contracts. Hope you all like it!!!

3 Jun 2017 Jandersoncad

also some edits because i'm terrible. Dropped Breach and added a second Hostage.