Criminal Gateway Efficient run

svysockih 2

I built this as first deck after meeting with basics of Netrunner.

This deck shows classic criminal archetype. The idea of the deck is maximize effect of each run. You have Leech, Red team, Pennyshaver and Docklands pass. So every run on HQ you won't have single access. But virus on Leech, 3 credits from Red team, 1 credit on Pennyshaver and two accessed cards -> so two credits from Zahay’s ID. Run on defenseless Archives is effecient too, one click gives you counter on Leech, 1 credit on Pennyshaver and 3 credits from Red team.

You have fewer options to multi access R&D, so use Jailbreak only for this server. Of course if you don’t have Conduit. Remeber that you can't use Conduit and Red team during single run, each of them initiates it's own run. But you always have benefits from Pennyshaver or Leech, because their abilities works without click.

Tranquilizer can help you to derez strong ICEs like Bran. You can use it for R&D too, which makes runs there cheaper.

Remember, you have many money especially with Overclock, so trash every Corp card you can.

P.S. Look carefully on memory slots) You will have only 5 slots with Pennyshaver, which doesn't give you opportunity to have all your programmes on the table simultaneously. But it is enough to have the most necessary: Cleaver, Carmen, Unity, Leech and Conduit. If you haven't found in the Stack something of these yet, use Tranquilizer or second Leech.