Circus Hayley (4th at Euros)

TugtetguT 1933

When you use Brahman it's kind of sort of like juggling programs so:


This deck is the result of vigorous testing between Marcus(McBeast) and I in the two weeks leading up to euros. We went 13-3 combined during the course of the tournament, so the deck performed very well and felt like a great meta call considering all the Titan and Skorpios that were present this year. Marcus lost a game to Peter Dinya on Titan FA and I'm not sure I'll ever forgive him for this.

Anyway we started out testing lists that were very similar to the one Gregory Tongue piloted at the Stimhack second chance tournament with the addition of Compile, a card I feel most people underestimated at first sight, and some changes to the breaker suite to match. Primarily D4v1d and Femme.


D4v1d: One of the main problems runners had to find a solution to this year, was how to deal with Archer, and D4v1d + infinite recursion deals very well with Archer.

Cy-Cy/"Lady"/Femme: All strong Compile targets and breakers above the curve that don't mind being reinstalled. Not so much true for Femme, but you want to break sentries with the star of the show anyway.

Brahman: Star of the show that not only breaks a lot of ICE efficiently, but also acts as recursion for the 'single use' breakers. NRE usually goes with Brahman so you won't have to boost strength and can just enjoy breaking 2 subs for 1 credit.

Odd choices:

Imp: This is mostly tech against Lakshmi. I brought a CI Moons list to the tournament and it was simply difficult to win this match-up without Imp. I did not face any Moons, however there were still lots of utility: trashing agendas against Skorpios, MVT against CtM and general trashing of "stuff" followed up with a 3 credit discount to your 2 credit install. Also the new Alt-art is reason enough to play Imp in any deck.

Paricia: Or rather all 3 of them. The answer to asset spam and fodder for the downside of brahman. You really want to see 1-2 early against assets and they are never dead as you can of course just sell them so this got upped from 2 to 3.

Compile: If you haven't read Compile yet, now is the time. This card is your 4-5th SMC, it's your recursion and with this particular breaker suite you also kind of Inside Job the server, all in one click with one card. With Brahman you can even add the card installed with compile to the top of your deck instead of the bottom, and have a permanent answer to whatever you had to break on the remote - which is usually where you Compile run. *Do note that you can't bypass the initially encountered ICE with Femme + Compile.

My favourite Compile-featuring game was in the cut against Toby(knails) on Combo CI, where I couldn't find SMC so had to play Compile to fetch SMC and use that to install another SMC and then let vanilla fire. Same game I used it to get Clot from the heap and put it at the bottom of the deck - easily accessible with the Artist Colony. One of my runner games got recorded by Trace5, this game also features Compile twice both times leading to a steal. So hopefully you can see the deck in action once they publish their Euros content :-)

During the tournament I faced Combo CI, an Argus, a Titan, an Azmari, 2x Skorpios, a CtM and Roel(RvdH83) on his very cool Jermison list who was the only one to take a runner game from me.

Overall I'm very happy with how the deck turned out, in the near future you might need to figure out a couple of cuts for a current or two though, since everyone will be playing Palana with 3x Scarcity :D

I also must apologise for the 46 cards Proco list with literally 0 draw cards, but I'm just no good at minimal decksize...

Finally: A thank you to everyone I got to meet at the tournament and have fun with.

5 Jun 2018 percomis

Great write-up, great gif, great player, but for the love of God, 46 cards?! :D

Whatever, well done Asger!

5 Jun 2018 mcbeast

Compile is a bad card, pass it on.

5 Jun 2018 kollapse

I'm biased as I both know the creators and having been part of the process somewhat during Marcus' testing, but it really is a treat to play and see played. Good job on the most interesting runner deck at Euros, Asger (and Marcus)!

5 Jun 2018 spags

Sicc deck. After playing you at Worlds, I'm not surprised at your finish, at all. Congrats!

Compile is a great card. What a tool to give Shaper!

5 Jun 2018 RvdH83

Together with Smokierie this was the most interesting runner deck I encountered all weekend. So many lines of play. Well done finishing 4th!

5 Jun 2018 gejben

Shaper's so boring though

5 Jun 2018 Ajar

Great run, and a really interesting deck!

5 Jun 2018 Bloel

Congrats Asger on an amazing deck and an incredible finish. The moment you installed that Brahman really made my day! Have either of you considered Reaver or Oracle May?

5 Jun 2018 Watzlav

Have you considered or tested Nyashia?

6 Jun 2018 firesa


6 Jun 2018 firesa

changes post-pack 6?

6 Jun 2018 TugtetguT

@Bloel Thanks it was my favourite install of the weekend! I think May is a tough sell because you already have ProCo to draw with. Reaver is cool, I'd add a few more Aesop's tagets to the list to go that way, but hadn't considered it. Definitely up for a try!

@WatzlavWe did test this in an earlier iteration, this was when the deck had 2x TTW and no Legwork/Indexing. In the end we went with the events because the deck is very click intensive and Shadow Net/Fan Site allows for more uses.

@firesa Flame-out could be good with Brahman and Compile, the breakers doesn't really spend credits though. But I haven't really put thought in anything past pack 5.

6 Jun 2018 creditzathotmail

Wow look at that matchup string.

7 Jun 2018 TugtetguT

@creditzathotmailif you look at the ID spread its actually a quite good depiction of the meta. perhaps swap Jermison for Titan.

7 Jun 2018 zmb

See, I can hold my tongue! Not a word about Compile on social media -until now :D Congrats with the 4th place.

8 Jun 2018 neuropantser

This deck is crazy good. Congrats on the finish!

23 Jul 2018 chaosof99

I'm a bit of a noobie. This deck looks fun, but also gives me some questions.

What is the reason for running Astrolabe over other consoles, i.e. Daredevil? Is it just the cost? Seems like another MU would help the deck a lot and the draw would also be good for Hailey or am I mistaken?

I also don't really understand why so many virus programs that can't be reused with Brahman. I understand that Cache is good because it makes positive credits (particularly when installed on Dhegdheer) but is also a bit of a non-bo to figure out when looking at the deck. Imp makes sense in the explanation, but is also not re-settable. Could it just be cut to trim the deck to 45 cards?

31 Jul 2018 TKO

@chaosof99 the 4 extra credits to install daredevil might as well be a million. Brahman is the whole point of the deck.

24 Aug 2018 TugtetguT

@chaosof99Astrolabe is really strong against decks that install a lot of assets, of which there are some, and in those matches its invaluable. In match-ups where it doesn't do much its just a cheap MU for 1 credit.

Regarding the vira: Cache is just for money net 5-6 credits, with Aesop's Pawnshop, is really good especially for just 1 credit upfront. The Clot is only in there to stop fast advance, its usually not something that's installed unless you have tutor it in to stop fast advance. I touch on Imp in the write-up. Hope this helps :)