Uninspired Scammer - 2nd at Chatteris SC

RotomAppliance 3052

This is the 419 list I took to 2nd place in Chatteris SC. It went 2-2, beating the Outfit and ASA and losing to Gamenet and The Outfit.

It's a reg crim deck and always a safe choice in a new meta because I'm comfortable with the playstyle and crim received several upgrades - Pennyshaver, Mutual Favour, Docklands Pass. I cut Hunting Grounds and my second Turning Wheel to make room for the third Diesel and didn't regret the choice, as without Engolo we need all the speed we can get to setup as quickly as possible. This deck plays similarly to previous interations of 419.

In practice, from a week's worth of testing and one SC so far, it feels like Corps are ahead. Despite having a lot of solid cards in faction and splashing for what is missing, this deck felt only average and I often felt one step behind the Corp. I expect Reg Crim to remain relevant, but perhaps not quite the force it was.

Thanks to Serenity for running the event and to Aki for streaming. Well done to rotage for winning the whole thing.