Lock Hayley (Prague Regionals Winner)

hsiale 204

This is the runner deck I used at Prague Regionals to finish 1st ouf of 18 players. It went 2-0 in Swiss (I used SC bye R1 and took ID R4) and won its only game in top cut. Played Jemison, Sol and Palana, highlight of the day was definitely the Palana game which lasted around 20 turns and I won making just two runs (one Legwork and one DDM.

Thanks to @Joseki, @Nelsormensch, @Percomis and @x3r0h0ur who published decklists I used to build this, the deck is both powerful and really fun to play. I used nearly the same deck (3rd Levy and 3rd SacCon instead of NACH and Inti) a week earlier at Euro Championships, went 5-5 there and finished 50th out of 227.