Alice in Huehuehuederland

Reutan 159

Lovingly ripped from CodeMarvelous. Macrophage makes this deck weep, especially in AgInfusion, but it in turn shreds Moons and Jemison. I was a bit hit or miss with Titan, though at the tournament we went simply with miss:

Round 1, Jemison, Win:

This one was brutal. Ripped away all the cards in hand, and my opponent was testing the post-Jackson world, which means Whampoa Reclamation wasn't able to save much. I started to run out of money, but managed to snag the last few points on Maw and Alice triggers.

Round 2, Industrial Genomics, Win:

This was a super protracted game, that I likely would have lost were my opponent on Shocks. She went to try a Honeyfarm concept, and while it kept me super low on money, Maw does not care, it merely consumes. She played it extremely well, but I made sure to keep HQ completely clear, and to trash all of the Political Dealings and Jeeves Model Bioroids to hit the table.

Round 3, AgInfusion ...Draw?:

Here's where things started getting hairy. No Employee Strike here, I'm just going to have to take it on the chin. Oh... except for Macrophage. Chiyashi was tolerable to break, but without the massive piles of cash necessary to break the virus-eater, I have no Medium dig, and we eventually stalled out.

Round 4, Titan Transnational Loss:

Rouuuughsauce. I couldn't get out in front of Titan. Managed to slow things down a bit, but Shipment from Tennin is a great FA card.

2-1-1 in Swiss, but Boom!Sync was on point, and 5-2-1 got me into the cut at 4th.

Cut Game 1:

Straight back to the runbacks. ...this one wasn't better. T2 Shipment started the Atlas train, and there was no stopping it. Tried a dig, ate a trash of my Medium, and then realized internet_potato was already at 3 Atlas, and Hostile wrapped things up. Dan said I pressured properly, but couldn't get the traction.

Game 2: Gabe vs Sync. One interesting game. I'll have to talk about it, it's in the top cut stream!

FINAL ROUND: Alice (not mine, but close) vs Sync! Gladly took second.