[Startup] Mti is unbanned. Obandon Ship!

NotAgain 119

Just a glimpse into what it was like to play Weyland:

Playing as poser Built to Last:

  • Only one advancement token on ice.
  • Put it in front of every server ever to defend against scawwy Piwates.
  • Endurance. Agenda stolen.

Playing as our lord & savior, Ob:

  • Run on HQ? Nani Grid.
  • Run on R&D? Nani Grid.
  • Run on Archives? Nani Grid.
  • Run on Svyatogor? Nani Grid.
  • Run on server 19 which is currently empty? Nani Grid.
  • Install Smartware Distributor? Believe it or not, Nani Grid.

Real description 1.0:

Everyone knows the Hafrun and Stavka combo that trashes breakers. Still, shame on you if some rusty boat manages to ram your big bonko battleship and run away unscathed. Enter Tollbooth. Want to be a pirate? Gotta pay the toll. Want to be a real pirate and dodge tolls? Gotta lose the boat.

Real description 2.0:

Place one of the 9 3 cost ice on any server. Tollbooth R&D or HQ depending on need. Put down the chopping block on centrals, especially archives. Trash a 3 cost to install Nani Grid on whatever is being run. How to fuel the nani grid you ask? Ice is money. Keep on putting facedown ice and excavate them for money and power up the Nani Grids. Remote ZATO or even put a Nani there if you want. Score in peace for Stavka & Hafrun shall chew through their rig.

Runner managed to run archives and reveal your ice? Spin them back.

54 cards isn't much of a big deal since you'll be spawning ice left and right. And money is always good.

Some potential changes can include Archer or a tag package but where's the fun in that. Can also include Pharros for Tollbooth trashes but we have enough ETRs as it is. Can't break an ice wall if we confiscated your rig Captain.

26 Jan 2023 Satoshi

Didn't get your joke until I looked up Mti Mwekendu and saw the reviews

:D :D :D