Covfefe-coats (Euros 2017 top 75)

Sixtyten 72

While everyone's losing their mind to moonspam, I thought I'd take a different approach for Euros 2017. I actually think the best HB card in Terminal Directive is Elective Upgrades. Yes it's a proper 5/3 and yes on occasion you will lose a turn or two earlier than you might, but after taking this deck to Euros and going 5-5 against some of the top players from the continent, I am convinced that getting free biotics is utterly legit. This deck tries to rush out behind next ice which can hose slow runners as they set up. Caprice helps protect your elective upgrades or centrals if needed. Crisium turns off siphon and keyhole nonsense. My two losses to siphon whizz (Ben Ni and Dave Hoyland) happened when crisium didn't show up. Rumour mill can be a problem and the scarcities are great for blocking that and slowing the runner down. It is also cheaper than ELP. Only having 2 biotics and 2 friends was a little rough in a couple of games, but slots are tight and I was keen to have 16 ice. ABT at your own risk unless you get a cheeky reshuffle. Ideally I'd like to slot a CVS or maybe swap holmgard for macrophage. The big sentry did work a couple of times, but probably better in a rigshooter version. Thanks to all my opponents at euros. Particularly those that suddenly discovered the power of elective upgrades. Special mention to abushelofgoats who proudly proclaimed that I was a true gentleman with some mighty stones for running a full 5/3 as he went keyhole happy. And why Covfefe? It's utterly ridiculous-just like scoring a 3/2 with 2 credits from hand.

6 Jun 2017 JackMade

Props for the name.