SSOoooo NISEI.....(Undefeated GNK)

GcFlash 157

SSOOOO Cayambe Grid is a thing, throw in any other 'when the runner approaches a/this server' ie Letheia Nisei and Formicary, now you're snowballing triggers.

9 Sep 2019 N0R5E

This deck is wild. The Cayambe Grid, Letheia Nisei, Formicary interaction is so strong. Not sure Border Control is as good here without Jinja City Grid. The ETR effect supports Cayambe, but with less ICE it won't be hard for them to rerun. Priority Construction and more advanceable ICE might support the remote better.

10 Sep 2019 CelestialSpark

Batty should still be better than Letheia here as always. He makes the runner pay again for the server just like she does, but also costs a click, can be rezzed after the runner already paid for the final ice and Cayambe (whereas Letheia + Cayambe allows the runner to count how much it will cost them in advance and choose not to break the last ice at all), and is cheaper.

10 Sep 2019 N0R5E

@CelestialSparkWow, you're right about Marcus Batty. Letheia Nisei's only advantage seems to be that she trashes after winning a psi game, so she could hang around for a second chance.

10 Sep 2019 GcFlash

Yeah Marcus Batty is a good shout, I made the deck the night before the tournament and just grabbed all the cards with the same trigger window. I did like the fact that Letheia Nisei hung around if the psi game failed. I never found the runner had enough money to hit Cayambe Grid more than once, because you are going so fast.

10 Sep 2019 GcFlash

I never actually fired a Border Control, but a 3 ice server was more than sufficient to keep people out. But the idea was only to fire it after a Formicary was moved to the server so they had to pay 2x 6 credits and even if they get back in its another 6 credits (assuming all your ice has tokens... and why shouldn't it?

11 Sep 2019 N0R5E

I did some tinkering and here's a Batty version I came up with:

-2 Letheia Nisei, -3 Border Control, -1 Digital Rights Management, -1 Punitive Counterstrike

+2 Marcus Batty, +2 Tithonium, +1 Archived Memories, +1 Wormhole, +1 Priority Construction

Batty and Wormhole get a lot stronger with Tithonium rezzed anywhere. Redistributed influence for more Archived to recur Batty. PriCo is good late for one last (advanced) ICE on the remote. Punitive is ok at x2 with the extra Archived around.

12 Sep 2019 WoodyIsGod

Hey guys, im unsure of the interaction between formicary and cayambe. If you have a remote with 3 advanced ice in position 2, 3 and 4 and an unrezzed formicary, is the idea that the runner pays 6 credits due to the 3 advanced ice, then you rez formicray from position 1 at the remote and they have to pay another 6 credits?

similarly, if you have an unrezzed formicary on a remote with 3 advanced ice, and the runner runs say rnd can you rez formicary on the remote to redirect them and force them to pay 6 for the 3 advanced ice?

sorry for long winded explanation. I hope it makes sense

13 Sep 2019 GcFlash

@WoodyIsGod yeah that's the idea, the interaction with Cayambe Grid is crazy.

@N0R5E Yeah that sounds good, though I never felt the deck had enough money at the start to rez a Tithonium and you only have two Hostile Takeover. Border Control is too good not to include 😕 I really like Dedication Ceremony though, I really wanted to include it in the original deck list, but only built it in about 5 mins and played it three times before taking it to the GNK.

13 Sep 2019 GcFlash

Also Border Control helps against Apocalypse which makes SSO Industries: Fueling Innovation very sad.

20 Sep 2019 zmb

@WoodyIsGod And your Formicary of course have tokens too, so first 6 then 8 :-)