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BadPublicity 235

Deck by - Cory Hockman & Jamieson

This list has been the work of a few months of tinkering between Cory and Jamieson.

It has placed 7th, 4th , 4th and 3rd in Store Champs held in different metas and piloted by 3 different players.

We have done a full play guide and deck breakdown here;

You can watch the deck in action on peach hack here;

Hope you enjoy

13 Mar 2016 Jard

on the youtube video you mention double stacking on HQ with mother goddess but... I don't think that works because Mother Goddess is unique.

13 Mar 2016 Jamieson

@Jard yeah that was a mistake - fault of live video with no edits - there is an annotation over that part now sorry about that - you are totally right - unique ICE cant stack it

13 Mar 2016 Jamieson

@Jard yeah sorry about that thanks for reminding me - there is an annotation edit at that part now - I meant to say 2nd ICE not double : that's the fault of doing it with no edits in 1 take

13 Mar 2016 acropolyse

with so many anarchs out there right now, how does the deck deal with wyldside pancake faust rig? specifically, start turn with 7, run with medium once, choose to access 3 (4/5 if they feeling brave/dumb) cards even if they have 10 counters on medium. If they see trap, then they draw back up for 3 clicks, otherwise go about their normal business the museum of history also doesn't help, shuffle means 3 semi-fresh cards. I do understand there's no rnd lock though

13 Mar 2016 Jcree8

I was running IG with mother goddess a while back in Pittsburgh, and was working great even the top players were having a hard time with it, but after a couple of tournaments people realized I wasn't scoring out and just waited for me to kill out or just drew up and smashed RD all day. I was doing. The same with house of 45 corpses PE for a while which just mills entire decks sometimes even after a levy but the same thing happened there. I e found these decks to be great one off's against top players and new play killers but after that forget it. Do you guys tend to see the same thing happening I know you guys have been running IG for a long time.

13 Mar 2016 Jcree8

I meant deck out not kill out.

14 Mar 2016 tradet

As always with decks like this you need to be able to switch to actually scoring out if they aren't running your advanced cards.

14 Mar 2016 ANRguybrush

Great deck, I'll definitly give this a try!

Furthermore, I'd like to hear your opinion on the following cards:

Tech Startup(one of my favorite cards to play in a Turtleback deck) Genetic Pavillion

14 Mar 2016 victorygames

@Creedsk8 have you played the deck with the Museums? They seem to make a difference. People can't just wait for you to draw out. They have to at least run to trash the Museum, which means they might have to take some net damage from the Hostile's, and if your ability is active, it will cost more than 3 credits, and if the game has been going awhile you will probably have a shock or two in archives which means they will have to draw up after checking it.

15 Mar 2016 Jcree8

I haven't run with museum, I will have to give it a go. I may run this at SC this Saturday not sure yet though. I'm seeing a lot of levy right now and some net damage tech, and a road block against top players not having a score out ability. I have scored out behind mother goddes but that was before atman was really being used a lot.

16 Mar 2016 victorygames

@Creedsk8 actually, I have found that bluffing out a mushined Fetal or Global food turn 1 is sometimes not a bad play, if they run it, congrats they just got 2 points, but more importantly they see you are not afraid to run out a naked agenda, and if they don't run it, you score it and they see you aren't afraid to run out a naked they might be more inclined to run other things you mushin traps that do brain damage...I've even mushined a snare

24 Mar 2016 EnderA

Have you considered Chimera as early protection for HQ, from Siphon and the like (or anywhere, really)? It derez's itself, so it won't disable Mother Goddess, and it gives you another piece of ice. It's not great vs Faust, but it's influence free. Alternatively, Himitsu-Bako would accomplish the same, but it can only be a barrier. Either one could enable a turn 1 Mushin w/o fear of Siphon/Vamp.

31 Mar 2016 victorygames

Now that Democracy and Dogma is out, it seems like Bio-Ethics Assoc. should be in the deck, right now I am going -1 hostile, -1 hokusai, -1 neural...