Az Value into Stealth Mill - Undefeated at AUNZ SC

nbkelly 853

This is the Az deck I took into the AUNZ Store Champs this November.

It played two games in swiss, which were both wins, and two games in the top cut (with open decklists), which were both wins.

Here's what it looks like turn 12 when you reveal yourself as a mill deck.

The trap is sprung

You generate value and early accesses with paragon, boomerang, dreamnet, sports hopper. Once paragon/hopper/net are down, you get 2c + a card for your run. You can walk right through low strength surveyors or Data Ravens basically for free.

You can generate extreme money with rogue trading, hot pursuit, citadel sanctuary.

Guru Davinder saves you against viral/psychic field, and maybe some rogue snipes too.

Miss Bones helps you dominate the ASA/CTM matchup.

Then near the end of the game, if you found you haven't already won, you switch tactics

The corp is on 20 cards in stack? Start slamming fisk, use hopper to filter draw on the corp turn, pressure them to score out, then install black file and labor rights the fisks right back in. You should be able to stall out games (or outright win) with diversions and good accesses, not to mention stargate, but this backup wincon actually got me three out of my four games.

Hide fisk. Don't let them know. You have enough money and draw and value to win without it. Then when the time is right, spring the trap.

Big thanks to @ValkyriezGaming for the shell of this deck, which we adapted from a similar Lat deck I played at worlds. I secretly tested the mill package in it myself, and found it to be a good way to close out games that couldn't be rocked early-to-midgame. A big thanks also to all the Drop Bears, and the Australian players who played on the day.

28 Nov 2020 m.p

I think that one Turning Wheel can be swapped for Rebirth to become Laramy Fisk in end game and mill the corp deck faster

28 Nov 2020 Baa Ram Wu

Love it: seems particularly good vs ASA deck who tend to draw 4/5ths of their deck by the end Game Anyway!

Really nice to see a hybrid deck doing work!

28 Nov 2020 nbkelly

Thanks! Yeah, vs. ASA was the spiciest game (and the only one I recorded). I managed to keep the money down and make it too scary to score for the first 11 turns of the game, and then sprung the mill trap on them when there were 18 cards left in R&D and he was just starting to score out.