Very Boring Hoshiko [2nd at NYC Startup CO]

internet 806

Make money, draw cards, get set up (hopefully not too slowly), and use Twinning to get lots of accesses. There's absolutely nothing exciting about this deck; I didn't even get to fire Steelskin Scarring despite playing against two trap decks on the day. Twinning is strong but slow; it's a great way to wrap up a game, but it's hard to gain counters on the corp's turn, so you're stuck getting Maker's Eye/Legwork every second turn.

Record on the day (18 player Startup Circuit Opener):

  • Loss vs Pravdivost (too many traps!)

  • Win vs Pravdivost (fewer traps this time)

  • Win vs Reality Plus (went needlessly slowly since I thought they were on Punitive)

  • Win vs NEH (pulled it out despite 4 points via Big Beale)

  • Win vs Built to Last (had a quick setup, then Twinning to get just enough accesses on the turn before they won)

  • Loss vs Precision Design (lost 2 breakers to turn one Engram, then the second decoder to another Engram long after I already lost)

Congrats to @skry for winning the event, and to @kysra for hosting!

25 Jul 2022 Blackwing

With all the virtuals and ice strength reduction, why Bukhgalter over Odore?

25 Jul 2022 Blackwing

What do you do about going over MU with all the rezeki's? Do you trash rezekis or leeches first?