Submarine Whiz (T8 Gencon)

WhackedMaki 874

After losing round one to parking and traffic I started my day out with an 0-2 loss. I then didn't lose a single game the rest of the day and finished 8th after swiss. I double ID'd D2 and then won my first 2 games in T16 and lost the next two. One loss on this deck, one on runner for all of Gencon. Called Submarine Whiz because I took the reverse bye R1 and then came from below to get there.

The deck is solid and deals with a lot of things well. I had been playing Lock Hayley for a while, but decided to bring this because Hayley is bad against Aginfusion. Turns out I never faced Aginfusion all day and could have brought it.

Beat- HB, HB, HB, Skorpios, CI. Lost to- HB

Any questions about it feel free to ask me in the comments.

21 Aug 2017 tvaduva

Well done. Sorry, you need get your revenge on AgInfusion.

22 Aug 2017 Dazzler

how is the card draw and money in this deck ? What is the match up against FA glacier decks ? I'm a big fan of whizz but I am having a hard time to pilot it in the current meta.

22 Aug 2017 LSK

Would you cut anything for MIning Accidents?

24 Aug 2017 WhackedMaki

@tvaduvaThanks. I didn't even play one Jinteki all day which figures y'know.

@DazzlerThey're both decent. It runs very lean on money, often having just enough without much to spare. Moons can be very draw dependent of a matchup, if you can R&D lock them it goes in your favor, but if it doesn't it's hard.

@LSKProbably not. I don't feel that one BP per run will add that much to the plan of this deck.