Blue Sun's Zenith (2nd overall out of 10 in 2019 Pittsburgh

Breaker0neNine 132

Basic blue sun glacier. Was inspired by all of the blue sun decks i lost against on jnet over the last year. Wanted to find room for punitive and/or third hostile takeover, never did, turns out probably should have though.

Also, a heartfelt thanks to all my opponents, the organizers, and the other participants at the regionals for making my first IRL competitive Netrunner experience fun and memorable! The rumors are true, this community really is great.

27 May 2019 aunthemod

Daily Quest is so brutal! just pick it up when you want to score, and then put it back down XD

29 May 2019 BlackCherries

Would you consider subbing out some Chiyashi for Tithonium? The spare inf would be for Gatekeeper which obviously has great synergy with Blue Sun.

30 May 2019 Di4na

Surveyor >> Nebula

30 May 2019 Breaker0neNine

I put this deck together the day before regionals due to a last minute lack of confidence in my Gagarin deck that I had been testing, so I am sure there are many ways to improve it. That being said, I will try to explain my reasoning for the choices I made.

BlackCherries: I did consider running less copies of Chiyashi and/or Daily quest, but ultimately I liked the consistency from running three copies of each. Also I like Chiyashi over tithonium because with laamb restricted the extra 3 strength really seems to matter, and the extra 3 Rez cost feels really good when using oversight AI or building blocks as an economy card. Therefore Gatekeeper became my 50th card (that I couldn’t find influence for.) In retrospect I’d probably replace the Daily Quests with Adonis campaigns. This would free up enough influence for at least one copy of gatekeeper.

Di4na: Agreed, and I certainly prefer Surveyor in all other decks except maybe BoN. Actually went with Nebula because of the possibility of rezzing for very cheap relatively early and returning to HQ for nine, but it turns out there’s a giant tempo hit when following that plan and I never needed the money anyway.